10 Life-Changing Things You Can Do With Coconut Oil

Everyone is loco for the coco

Coconut oil is having a bit of a moment lately. 

Everyone from celebrities to vegans and your grandma is using coconut oil, and they have really good reason to – the stuff practically sells itself. From beauty to cooking purposes, people are going loco for the coco, and it’s really making us question, “Coconut Oil, is there something you CAN’T do?!”

Check out our ten fave uses below. 

  1. Moisturise That Face & Bod

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This is probably the single most common use, and that’s because it really, really works. Coconut oil helps retain moisture, and so is a great post-shower alternative to lotion. Use on your face to fight acne and on your lips to conquer chapped lips. If you’re on holiday, coconut oil also makes for a nourishing after-sun care, and in essence is practically a tropical massage. Also, it smells so good you’ll practically turn into an exotic goddess.

  1. Remove Panda Eyes

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Panda eyes could be leftover mascara and eyeliner left on your face, or dark circles and puffiness from sleeping too little. Whatever it is for you, coconut oil acts as a fab makeup remover after a night out, but is also gentle enough to target the sensitive skin under the eyes for a natural substitute to expensive eye creams.

  1. DIY a Body Scrub

Combine coconut oil with white or brown sugar (or sea salt if you’re salty) for a sweet homemade body scrub. Massage onto wet skin and allow the substance to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin baby butt soft. Bonus points if you use coconut oil afterwards to lock it all in.

  1. Transform Your Locks

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I genuinely swear on this one. Either use liquid coconut oil or simply rub solid coconut oil between your fingers to melt it a little, and spread through the tips of your hair and a little on the top too, avoiding the scalp. Some people leave the oil in for a few minutes/hours before washing out, but I prefer to keep it in overnight for the best results. Hair looks shinier, healthier, and feels way smoother. 

For frizzy hair, adding a little bit of oil to the tips and leaving it in can really help tame wild manes. 

  1. Throw Out Your Shaving Cream

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Warm up solid coconut oil for a moisturizing natural alternative to your usual soap or shaving cream. The oil allows for a super-smooth super-close shave, and adds moisture to your skin. This makes for nourished, shiny legs (/arms/underarms/bikini lines/wherever else you shave) that are sure to wow in any situation.

  1. Relieve Nasty Bug Bites

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Soothe bug bites and itchy spots using a little bit of coconut oil, and for added protection combine with essential oils such as tea tree or citronella. It’s an easy alternative to pricier anti-bug sprays, and also contains way fewer chemicals. 

  1. Add A Healthy Touch To Your Diet

Whilst for beauty and hygiene purposes, virgin coconut oil works best, if you’re looking to add it to your food, opt for refined coconut oil instead. Anything from frying your eggs to mixing into smoothies, coconut oil is a popular healthy substitute. Consider it for pan frying or cooking at high temperatures, or simply spread it on your usual foods as a butter or vegetable oil alternative.

  1. Polish Everything

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Once you’re done polishing up your entire bod with the stuff, polish up your home with it too. Combine with lemon juice for a fab wood furniture shine or on its own to replenish dry wood around the house. 

  1. Boost Energy Levels, Naturally

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Combined with chia seeds for an extra kick, coconut oil can act as a splendid mid-afternoon natural energy booster. Simply mix one tablespoon coconut oil with ½ tablespoon of chia seeds and spread on toast or cut the carbs and eat straight from the spoon. Boom. Energized. 

  1. And Get A Million Dollar Smile

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Coconut oil is popularly used for oil-pulling in order to whiten teeth. Get your own pearly whites to shine by swishing some coconut oil around in your mouth for about ten minutes before brushing your teeth. Stand back and admire yourself after. 

Know any other top tip for using coconut oil? Let us know in the comments!

h/t: Insider