10 Indian Palaces That Are As Magical As They Are Mesmerising

Gems under the starry night sky, sparkles under the hot South Asian sun

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Having transformed several of their forts and palaces into luxury resorts or heritage hotels, we list some of our favourite magical Indian palaces and mahals of North India’s Rajasthan, sure to make you dream of them for days.

Imagine yourself amongst the glory and beauty of the kings and royal courts, the vibrant colours, and the rich Rajasthani culture, and swoon.

Cue Bollywood daydream sequence.

  1. Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

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Submerge yourself in a milk bath within a pink Italian marble tub or dine within the grand dining halls of this magnificent palace, looking like something straight out of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s repertoire. Book your stay here at the largest Indian palace of its kind, where you may still be served by true descendents of the royal palace retainers. You’re going to imagine so many romantic dance sequences in the festive halls. 

  1. The Lake Palace, Udaipur

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One of India’s most romantic hotels, this white marbled beauty sits in the middle of Lake Pichola in Udaipur. The 18th century royal summer palace glistens in the twilight, and you’ll find no sunset more gorgeous than with your beloved on a small balcony here. Book your stay here, and feel sorry for anyone who ever went on a honeymoon elsewhere. 

  1. Suryaghar, Jaisalmer

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This now boutique hotel sits at the gateways to the vast Thar desert, and offers the most beautiful and relaxing recluse you can find outside the hustles and bustles of India’s big cities. Blending timeless elegance with modern-day five star standards, book your stay here and watch all your troubles drift to sand immediately. 

  1. Neemrana Fort Palace, Neemrana Alwar

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Located just outside of Delhi, here comes a perfect weekend getaway from the capital city. This 15th century heritage hotel lies within the imposing fort of Neemrana, and charms its visitors with its seven palace wings elegantly tiered into a hill and overlooking a stunning horizon come sunset. Explore the hanging gardens, have tea on one of the many dreamy porches, or dip into the Ayurvedic spa, weekends just got way magical at Neemrana. Book your getaway here

  1. Samode Palace, Jaipur

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Located near Samode village, this sandstone palace is a truly beautiful exemplar of Rajasthan’s architectural style. Marble fittings and ornamented pillars as well as intricate mosaic walls and luxurious carpets adorn the floors, and after you book your stay here and wander amongst the hall of mirrors or the many courtyards, find the secret underground passageway the Maharaja used to get to town. It’ll be your little secret.  

  1. Laxmi Niwas Palace, Bikaner

Cr: LaxmiNiwas

Designed by British architect Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob in 1896, this red sandstone palace turned hotel is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bikaner, and once even housed King George V and Queen Mary of Great Britain. Do as the royals did and book your majestic visit here

  1. Raas Devigarh Palace, Delwara

Cr: RaasDevigarh

This absolutely stunning Rajput palace turned boutique hotel perfectly manages a fine balance between Indian architectural genius and classy contemporary minimalism. Amongst crisp white sheets and vibrant flower arrangements, book your stay here and be sure to check out the spa. Simply browsing through the website will cool you down. 

  1. Deogarh Palace, Deogarh

Cr: DeogarhMahal

This ‘abode of the gods’ was converted into a heritage hotel by the Deogarh family members, some of which still occupy the palace. A true family affair, guests are welcomed in honest Mewari hospitality and served produce freshly provided by local farmlands. Book your stay here now, and enjoy whichever room you may get – each is modelled after a different era. 

  1. Udaivilas, Udaipur

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The last but by miles not the least. The Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur has been named best hotel in the world (the world!) two years in a row, and a quick dreamy scroll through the mesmerising hotel gallery will be sure to put any doubts to bed. True luxury awaits amidst the splendour of fine Indian architecture, and five star hospitality. Book your stay here, and never, ever, leave. 

If there’s a heaven on earth, we have found it. 

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