10 Painfully Honest Graphs That Show What Travel Is Really Like

Probability of crying babies every single time you fly: VERY HIGH

It always looks so perfect on TV. 

You travel by First Class and sleep through the entire flight, remembered to turn off the coffee machine before leaving, didn’t lose your passport at the security check, didn’t overpay for your five star accommodation, and didn’t face any delays… said no one ever. 

Anyone who travels a lot will know that there are some things, no matter how well you plan, that always happen on vacation. You either forgot something, dropped something, got ripped off with something, or were delayed by something. And it happens every time and sometimes it happens all at once. 

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It’s one of the ~charms~ of travel, and one of those things everyone has to experience at some point. Whether it’s that feeling of having to pee just when the seatbelt sign comes back on or that feeling of finding sand in your bags even ten years after you took that trip to Hawaii. 

Just The Flight has captured some of the most common (and most painful) experiences in graph-form below, and whether you’re a travel newbie or a self-proclaimed jetsetter, we think you’ll relate to many if not all of these: 

  1. Entering the flight and seeing the hell that is your seat neighbours

seat arrangements on the plane

Cr: JustTheFlight

  1. Suddenly questioning everything you own when you go through secuirty

Cr: JustTheFlight

  1. This very unfortunate but accurate depiction:

travel delay struggles

Cr: JustTheFlight

  1. When the seatbelt sign makes you feel things

pee schedule in-flight

Cr: JustTheFlight

  1. The case of the wandering passport

panic over passport

Cr: JustTheFlight

  1. Adapting to the local culture

speaking loudly and slowly

Cr: JustTheFlight

  1. Things you always forget… (shoutout to dignity!)

forgetting to lock the front door when you travel

Cr: JustTheFlight

  1. Calculating value for money

expensive luxury resorts vs motels

Cr: JustTheFlight

  1. A very accurate drinking chart

it's okay to drink everyday when you travel

Cr: JustTheFlight

  1. And sand. Sand everywhere. 

finding sand even months after you've left

Cr: JustTheFlight

Do you agree?