10 Bubblin’ Brilliant Ways To Make The Best And Most Relaxing Bath Ever

Forget the spa, make this bubble bath at home. 

Relaxation Ranking: 🛀🏽🛀🏽🛀🏽🛀🏽🛀🏽🛀🏽🛀🏽🛀🏽🛀🏽🛀🏽 10/10

There’s nothing like a hot bath after a long day. You can’t fight us on this. We’re too relaxed, man. 

With just the right amount of bubbles and a perfect snack within arms reach (champagne if you’re glam, pizza if you’re cute), we rounded up our favourite ways to kick back in the bath tub, and watch all your weekly worries float away. 

  1. Announce Your Departure

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Before departing on your homemade spa journey, say goodbye. 

Tell your Whatsapp group you’re going to be busy for 30 minutes, put your phone notifications on silent, and inform anyone you live with. If you want to truly emanate the resort experience, make yourself a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign and hang it on the bathroom door handle. You’re on a relaxing vacay now. 

That being said – prep yourself for the experience too. Use the toilet if you need to (nothing ruins a bath like a buzzing bladder), and if it’s going to be cold outside once you leave your bath – prep your post-bath clothes by leaving them on a radiator to heat up so they’re nice and toasty later on. 

Some people also like to shower before their bath, to dedicate the bath entirely to relaxation.

  1. It’s Getting Hot In Here

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The key to a relaxing bath is getting the temperature just right. 44 Degrees Celsius (112 Fahrenheit) is often said to be the perfect temp to wash away any dirt and dirty confessions, and is also warm enough to be soothing yet not scorching. Make sure you feel comfortable in the water – it’s going to be your little haven for the next half an hour. 

  1. Make Your Own Bubbles

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One of the key differing points of a bath to a shower is that you can have a lot of fun in how you draw up your bath. Throw in some bath salts, bathing oils, or bath bombs, and get those voluminous bubbles and foam going. Whilst store-bought products are plenty and make for easy options, you can often also DIY your bathing condiments

Make a herbal tea bath from Free People Blog or construct your own bath bomb from Something Turquoise. If you’re not so experimental, simply nip in about 8 drops of your favourite essential oil. 

If you want to be extra glam (or if you’re expecting company), throw in a few rose petals.

  1. Set The Scene

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Set the right mood for relaxation by adjusting the lighting and the sounds around you. 

Dim the lights. Bright lights remind us of brushing teeth and removing makeup, and we don’t want a cold light anywhere near our me time. Convert your bathroom into a calming oasis with some scented candles or lot’s of little tea lights. Just be sure to keep them out of the way when you reach for your towel. 

If you’re feeling particularly groovy – check out this underwater disco light that beams colourful lights into your bath tub.

Some people like sounds of nature or one of those meditation podcasts where you visualise yourself on a beach. Whatever works for you and the mood you wish to achieve – do it. 

  1. Even In The Water, Stay Hydrated

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Your bath is bound to be pretty warm so it is important to stay hydrated, as a warm bath can raise your body’s temperature and induce sweating. Keep a bowl filled with ice cubes nearby, so you can store a cooled water bottle in it, or a cold compress to place on your neck. 

If you want to feel particularly spa-like, make yourself some fruit-infused water, and sip away. 

The combination of hot and cold might sound strange, but it is sublime. 

  1. For Those 30 Minutes, Live In A Bubble

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Envision yourself inside those bubbles your bath is creating. Switch your phone off or put it on silent (no vibrate!), and if you really need your mobile, put it in a plastic bag so you don’t wet it. 

Close your eyes and inhale the soothing scents rising from your bath concoction, or force your eyes shut with some cucumbers or tea bags on your eyelids.

  1. Massage That Bod

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If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like to sit around doing nothing, do something (albeit relaxing) whilst you lounge in the tub and massage your body in a circular motion with a sponge or exfoliator and conduct a pampering spa-like body scrub.

Put on a face mask or a hair mask (the steamy atmosphere works wonders), and run a moisturizing soap all over your body – every little nook from head to toe. There are places you could never reach in the shower!

  1. Keep A Handy Caddy For Accessories Such As Books/Tea/Wine/Chinese TakeOut

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Whilst some people like to lie quietly and think about sweet things (or nothing at all), others like to unwind with a book. Get yourself a caddy that you can place over your bathtub so you can store your relaxation essentials. Green or chamomile tea is a popular option, and is good for calming you down whilst not likely to disrupt your sleep. 

Find out how to make your own caddy on LemonThistle.

  1. Get The ‘Baby’s Butt’ Feeling All Over Your Body (including your butt)

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When your skin is all shrivelled up – it’s time to go. 

Saying goodbye to your bath may be hard, but having an equally soothing moisturiser/powder/body oil/body butter post-bathing can make it a lot easier. After patting your skin dry, lock in that moisture and dance around a bit in your birthday suit (make sure the floor isn’t slippery though!)

  1. Slip Into Something Comfortable, And Snooze. 

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Once your bathing session is over, keep your super chill vibe going for the rest of the night by getting into your favourite freshly washed pajamas, or a cosy warm robe. Nobody likes to exit the most relaxing bath ever and slip into old smelly pajamas or a stained rough towel. Dress yourself like the prince/princess that you are, and get into a freshly made bed, and hit the snooze button.

You’ll dream of something bubbly, we promise. 

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