This Game Boy Phone Case Is An Actual Games Console So You Can Tetris & Text

This is all our childhood and adulthood dreams come true in one device

Take My Money: 🎮 🎮 🎮 🎮 🎮 🎮 🎮 7/10

If you had a Game Boy as a kid and loved playing Snake/Tetris/Tank on it, you’re about to freak the frick out.

A company called Wanle is selling a Game Boy phone case. And not just any Game Boy phone case. A FULLY FUNCTIONING Game Boy phone case that ACTUALLY WORKS as an ACTUAL GAMING CONSOLE. All on the back of your phone.

As you can tell by all the capitalisation – we’re super duper excited about this.

And exciting it is. Aiming to give us a pocketful of nostalgia in the age of social media and sleek AF technology, Wanle’s phone case manages to provide retro gaming minus all the bulky hardware. Even though the appearance of the Game Boy phone case is similar to the original Game Boy, it is thin enough to fit on the back of your phone without looking chunky, and still leaves room for you to use it as a fully functioning mobile device. So you can take selfies AND play snake all in the same device.

Basically, the stuff of all our childhood and adulthood gaming dreams combined.

Available for iPhones 6 to X, the light case snaps onto the back of any of these phone models, and comes with an LCD screen and power supply. Priced at US$24.95, it also includes ten classic Game Boy games, from Snake and Tetris over to Formula One Racing (omg, remember that one??).

Charming and playful, this is totally a step-up from all of your non-gaming console non-active phone cases. Get yours over on the Wanle website, and become the coolest kid in fifth grade.

Errr… I meant, the office.

All images cr: Wanle

Welcome to 2018, Game Boy. #TBT to 1998, you.

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