13 Questions We Have For The Second Season Of 13 Reasons Why

What does Mrs. Baker do with the tapes? What happens to Bryce? Does Alex survive?

It’s Netflix official. 

13 Reasons Why will be back for a second season. The series adaptation of the best-selling Young Adult novel by Jay Asher has been renewed for another 13 episodes, rumoured to be premiering in early 2018. 

Produced by Selena Gomez, the Netflix original show has been an absolute record-breaking sensation, with a sky-high number of viewers within the first week of its release. However, the teen drama has also been met with serious criticisms by both professionals and private individuals on social media. 13 Reasons Why quickly became the kind of show on which everyone had an opinion. And questions, lot’s of them.

Clay 13 Reasons Why

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Whilst we bordered on trying to understand Hannah Baker and her mental state, as well as witnessing the traumatic trials and tribulations of these high school students, the first season ended on a serious cliffhanger. Even though it was uncertain whether the show would even be renewed for another year, viewers were left with several loose ends to be tied at the end of the final episode.

From Alex’s condition to the court case, we hope the second season picks up on some of our most burning questions. Fittingly, we have 13 of them. 

Warning: If you’re one of the 3 people who hasn’t watched season 1… there are some spoilers ahead. 

  1. What happened to Alex? Is he alive? 

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Alex’s storyline ends with Mr. Porter being informed that the student has shot himself in the head, and is in critical condition. Does he survive? Why did he shoot himself? Or did someone else shoot him? Potentially Tyler, who took down his picture in his photo lab? Alex has had an intriguing vibe throughout the entire first season, and it feels like he is hiding something… 

  1. What does Mrs. Baker do with the USB of all the tape recordings?

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Does she use them in the trial? Does she listen to them? Does she take an entire season to listen to them (like Clay)? Also, are Hannah’s parents mad Tony took so long to hand them over? Will they confront the students, and Mr. Porter? Does this evidence make their case?

  1. How much will Hannah be involved? 

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We’re assuming she will be in the second season. Will there be more details to the tapes/flashbacks? Will there be more? A new side to the story? Or by some intriguing twist of fate… is Hannah still alive? 

  1. What’s up with the guns in Tyler’s room? What is he plotting?

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It looked dangerously like Tyler was planning some sort of shooting with a box of guns hidden in his room. Will he act out on his plans? Will his storyline feature Hannah because he was sorta “in love” with her? Does he kill those who have harmed her? Seriously, what’s Tyler’s deal?

  1. Does Jessica tell her dad about the rape? What happens after?

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We see Jessica burst into tears as she begins to tell her dad she’s been hurt. What does she tell him? About Justin or about Bryce? Or about both? How does her father react? And how does Jessica cope?

  1. Does Bryce get arrested? Does he go to jail?

Now that everyone who has heard the tapes knows Bryce raped both Hannah and Jessica, and the Bakers may have found out, and Jessica’s dad may have found out, is Bryce pressed with sexual assault charges? Is there a trial? Is he punished? And what is the punishment?  

  1. Does Sheri get arrested? 

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Again, a lot more people now know what was on those tapes. Potentially even the lawyers may listen to them. Since Sheri knocked down a stop sign that led to a tragic accident, does she get arrested too? Also, we see Sheri dialling 911… Maybe she was confessing?

  1. Is Mr. Porter called to a hearing? What has he done with the tapes?

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And now that everyone has heard him on Hannah’s tapes, what does this mean in court? Does he lose his job? Will the school fight his case? 

  1. Where does Justin go? Will he be back?

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Conflicted with Hannah’s case, his ex-girlfriend Jessica, former best friend Bryce, and his family, does Justin leave town? What happens to him?

  1. How does the trial go? Does Mrs. Jensen ask Clay about the tapes?

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Does she try to protect her son? Do we see the end of this lawsuit? What happens to the school? 

  1. Do Courtney and Marcus avoid the whole thing like they have in season 1?

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School stars with perfect reports, do they continue to do anything to protect their stellar images? Is everyone involved on the tapes going to court? And is everything on the tapes deemed true? (Looking at you Courtney)

  1. Are Clay and Skye a thing now?

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Season 1 kiiind of hinted towards it, but it could just be plainly platonic. Also, what’s up with Skye’s self-harming? Does Clay help her out? And where are they headed in the final scene?

  1. Lastly. Will there be any more scenes featuring Jeff? 


Jeff deserved better. 

Season 2, I think we’re ready for some answers. 

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