14 Things That’ll Make You Drop Everything And Book A Plane To Spain

 From the world’s largest tomato fight to the hippie markets, art scene, and sangria.

From the home of Barcelona’s football team to the hippies in Ibiza, all with a side of sangria and sunshine, adventure awaits you in Spain.

We rounded up our 14 favourite reasons to visit the Southern European hotspot this summer, from the colourful mainland to the buzzing islands.

  1. The world’s largest tomato fight in Valencia

wanderfullife // via Tumblr

Taking place on the last Wednesday in August every year in the Valencian town of Buñol, la Tomatina is one of the worlds biggest and reddest food fights. Thousands of locals and tourists gather in the streets and throw soft tomatoes at each other, purely for the purposes of having a good time. This summer, don your least favourite t-shirt and head out on these streets – its about to get messy.

  1. Sampling tapas and sipping sangria

gastrosophia // via Tumblr

The Mediterranean cuisine is known to be both healthy and delicious, and tapas are an excellent way of indulging in many different samples thereof. From Jamon to Tortilla to Gambas and Chorizo, the options are endless, and you can indulge in every single one of them, as the tradition calls it in Spain, you cant order only one dish, youve got to get them all!

  1. Island-hopping on the Balearic islands

love-dream-place // via Tumblr

The Balearic islands are one of the most popular destinations in Spain, from the bigger and busier island like Mallorca to the smaller and simpler like Formentera or Cabrera. Discover the secrets of these idyllic isles by taking a glass-bottom boat, a ferry, or yacht from island to island within a few hours. Wake up here, go for dinner there, imagine yourself in an old romantic movie, and enjoy the wind in your hair as you set sail.

  1. The prehistoric cave paintings of Altamira

spaintravelplaces // via Tumblr

Turn back the clock and walk amongst the prehistoric cave paintings at the Altamira Caves in Cantabria. The paintings include wild animals and human hands, and are a true testament to human creative spirit from centuries ago. Uncover the secret messages and take your mind back to cave man and cave woman.

  1. Seafood paella and siestas

nom-food // via Tumblr

There are few things better in life than a Spanish Paella. Filled with variations of fresh seafood and meat and rich saffron flavour, this rice dish is typically cooked in a large pan and served to families on Sundays or special occasions. Do as the Spanish do and indulge in many helpings alongside Spanish red wine, and when the food coma kicks in, youll know why they are the patrons of the siesta.

  1. Volcano Mount Teide in Tenerife

buzztrips // via Tumblr

For an out of this world experience, head over to the canary islands, and onto the island of Tenerife, where the grand volcano Teide stands as the highest peak in Spain. Drive up winding roads to reach the top, and find yourself immersed into the clouds. Set within a national park, the volcano itself is surrounded by a variety of landscapes and a popular space for wanderers and tourists alike.

  1. The hippie markets at night

mysticmystic // via Tumblr

Most common on the island of Ibiza, but also a few other locations, the hippie markets in Spain are a feast for the eyes and the curious mind. Sample handmade clothing and jewelry and take in the laid-back atmosphere amongst street musicians, dreadlocks, and incense usually in the city market square by night, when the rest of the land has cooled down, and the hippies come out to play.

  1. Wandering amongst the works of Picasso, Dali, and Miro

dbo37 // via Tumblr

Art is alive in Spain, and you dont have to go far to experience it. Walk around the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, admire the paintings of Goya at the Prado in Madrid, or even snoop around Joan Miros very own studio on the island of Mallorca.  

  1. Cooling down under the sea

bohemianromance123 // via Tumblr

Whether you prefer banana-boating on the sea, drinking cocktails overlooking it, or putting on those goggles and diving beneath it, there are many things you can get up to by the waters in Spain. Make friends with the urchins and the eels and marvel in the colors of the corals, ahsomewhere beyond the sea

  1. Practicing your penalties at Camp Nou or Bernabeu

themadridgirl // via Tumblr

We wont take sides so well list them both – visit Barcelonas Camp Nou or Real Madrids Santiago Bernabeu and trace the steps of some of the greatest football players of our time. Visit the changing rooms and imagine the pep talks, visit the stadium, and imagine the adrenaline, or even stay for a match, and experience it all for yourself.

  1. Learning the Flamenco and the Spanish guitar

fotostopp // via Tumblr

Whether or not you have rhythm in your blood, a good way to get it going is through the traditional Flamenco dance. True only accompanied with the Spanish guitar, here is a performance full of temperament and passion. Stomp those heels and clap them castañetas, and when your hands are in the air like you just dont care, dont forget to shout: Olé!

  1. Partying until sunrise in Ibiza

that-edm-life // via Tumblr

There are few places in the world as well known for their nightlife as Ibiza. Sunshine and beaches by day, globally renowned DJs and clubs by night. The island that never sleeps, and the island that for 4 months in the summer, is one of the most popular partying destinations in the world. Weekly performances by the likes of Steve Aoki, David Guetta, and Martin Garrix are accompanied by the occasional superstar, and are guaranteed to leave you buzzing weeks after you leave.

  1. Time travel at the Alhambra

omiyagekarintou // via Tumblr

Located in the beautiful province of Andalusia, the Alhambra palace and fortress complex dates back to the time of Islamic influence in Spain. This can be traced in the architecture of arched gateways and symmetric water bodies, and Arabian calligraphy throughout the enclosure. The inspiration for many songs and stories, fall in love the way two cultures have fallen in love in the art form and composition of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

  1. And finding your dream yacht in Marbella

goldpistolpinkbullets // via Tumblr

Another popular destination on our list, Marbella is somewhat Spains answer to Frances Cannes. Puerto Banus is popular with many international tourists and a prime spot to find that dream yacht by the marina, settle in on board, store some tapas, and never, ever leave Spain.  


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