15 Sleepy Babies Celebrating Their First Christmas

Prepare for your heart to weep.

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This article was originally posted on 16th December 2016.

Do you remember your first Christmas?

Undeniably one of the most exciting holidays for small kids, Christmas time is a thrilling time for children as they look forward to and dream of all the toys Santa will bring down the chimney. However, all small kids were babies first. And all babies were most likely very sleepy at Christmas time.

Capturing their very first Christmas season, take a look through these heart-wrenchingly adorable shots of newborn babies in festive attire. The wait for Santa seems a little long to them, and their eyes are beginning to feel a little heavy. Napping through the snow <3

  1. Keeping an eye on Santa’s cookies

Cr: Leanne Curtis Newborn Photography

  1. Trying to recall that ‘Rudolph’ song…

Cr: Sandi Ford

  1. Penguin patience

Cr: MelodysMakings

  1. Woah woah woah for me? All these gifts?

Cr: myonlysunshinephoto

  1. All packed up for Christmas Eve

Cr: christykirklandphoto

  1. One of these is a baby…

Cr: Leanne Curtis Newborn Photography

  1. Little baby feat. little Christmas lights

Cr: zoehiiglistudio

  1. Somebody is going to thank Mom for this hat when they grow up…

Cr: etsy.com

  1. Hands down best tree I’ve seen this season

Cr: Baby&Belly

  1. The cheeeeeeks on this snowman!

Cr: leannecurtisphotography

  1. Pure winter wonderland bliss

Cr: Karolina Manuszewska

  1. The cookies! Not the baby!

Cr: MitziKnitz

  1. This Christmas onesie tho

Cr: Anne Wilmus Photography

  1. Are you ready reindeer?

Cr: Baby Face Photography

  1. Happy holidays!

Cr: pebblesandpolkadotsphotography

Such baby. So much cute.

Who’s your fave?

h/t: BoredPanda