15 Newly Adopted Dogs Looking Happy AF On Adoption Day

You’re probably gonna wanna adopt a dog after this…

It’s quite possibly the happiest day in the life of both human and pupper.

If you were looking for a reason to smile today – look at the expressions on the faces of these newly adopted dogs, right after being adopted.

Adoption is a special occasion for both pup and person, and often moving out of the shelter to a new home can be a very exciting day. From the confused to the downright ecstatic, take a look at the photos below, capturing the adorable reactions of the newly adopted dogs.

It’s going to leave at couple pawprints on your heart.

Guess who’s excited to play ball and show you who’s a good boy?

CR: potato_hygienist via BoredPanda

He looked smaller at the shelter…

CR: groovebird via BoredPanda

Leaving the shelter looking at the other dogs like…

CR: Genetta via BoredPanda

Pupper’s first car ride

CR: sanantoniojackson via BoredPanda

Throw the stick, throw the stick!

CR: LonelyVelociraptor via BoredPanda

This is the best day ever

CR: bikswrdsman via BoredPanda

Beautiful, my name is Beautiful

CR: jacknotjillskiii via BoredPanda

Straight out the shelter to the nap on your lap

CR: John Vrydaghs via BoredPanda

Hello, nice to meet you human

CR: XaVierDK via BoredPanda

The best Christmas gift EVER

CR: Meems138 via BoredPanda

Snoozing my way into your heart

CR: lunatheborderaussie via BoredPanda

Dog’s first time grocery shopping 

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This fabric is intriguing

CR: axiethepitbull via BoredPanda

How YOU doin? 😉

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