17 Things You’ll Agree With If You’ve Ever Tried To Study At SOAS Library

Reading, rodents, and really shameless snacking.

  1. During exam season, finding a suitable spot to work is a serious hunt and trek through all six floors.

It’s serious motivation to come to the library at 9 am sharp.

  1. Having said that, you’re not ashamed to admit that you’ve curled up on the floor before

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In the summers it’s warm, in the winters it’s cold.

  1. Those private corner tables with a view of Russell Square are like the SOAS Library suite rooms, and usually always blocked with a bottle and some books

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Seriously does anybody actually study there or…

  1. Setting up eduroam for the first time can be quite the pain 

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  1. And even though you know food is strictly prohibited, you’ve definitely eaten a complete meal or two in there before

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No way I’m paying extra for a Pret sandwich to ‘eat in’

  1. You’ve been asked to watch somebody’s stuff as they go out to join the Hare Krishna queue/go to the bar/have a smoke

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Ugh great now I have to stay here until you get back.

  1. If you were feeling particularly angst-y, you may have even said no to watch said somebody’s stuff.

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Look. The pressure. It’s too much.

  1. You may have come to write essays, but you stayed for the really great books (as long as there were enough copies…)

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It said it was available online though!!!!!!!!!

  1. Also, mice spotting.

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I know this sign is funny but we all cried.

  1. You’ve waited for the lift on Floor E longer than you’ll ever wait for finding a boyfriend and settling down/experiencing life on Mars/getting a marked essay back

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From time to time you’ll see people give up the wait and just take the stairs…

  1. Occasionally you’ve walked the stairs from Floor E (F if you’re a daredevil) to Floor A only to realise how unfit you are

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Put your hand up if you gave up somewhere in the middle and decided to just wait it out at the lift again.

  1. And if you’re panting too loudly after reaching, several heads will look up and give you evil stares

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You’ve also given ~that look~ don’t lie.

  1. To be fair, you only came to Floor A to take one of those cool library shots for your Instagram #BrutalistArchitecture

This caption tho

(But while you’re there – the South Asia section is wonderful)

  1. You’ve run out of printing credit in the middle of printing a really huge reading/an assignment/your dissertation

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  1. The lights have dimmed between shelves because the sensor thought you were dead

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  1. You’ve never experienced violent shush-ing quite like in this library

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  1. And you’ll never find a library with so many great library announcements. 

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It’s the best and warmest (hottest) place for collective stressing and meltdowns. <3 

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What library? SOAS LIBRARY!

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