16 Breakfasts From Around South Asia Worth Getting Out Of Bed For

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We gathered some of our favourite breakfast staples from around South Asia, from the steamy hot to the sweet and spicy. Take a scroll below for some delicious inspiration this morning!

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  1. Spring Hoppers and Pol Sambola, Sri Lanka

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Made with fresh shredded coconut and scooped up with a piece of roti or paratha, Pol Sambola is a traditional tasty Sri Lankan breakfast staple. See it here served with curries and dhal, and smell it on the streets coming from the happy households in the morning. 

  1. Masala Omelette, India/Pakistan

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One of the most popular breakfast dishes of the entire region, the masala omelette is just like a regular omelette – but with a kick of South Asian spice. Enjoyed alongside coffee or chai, and often eaten with toast or local flatbread types, here is one breakfast favourite enjoyed by many, and adjusted by many, from added green chillies to onion, tomato, and whatever the fridge may offer.

  1. Dhido, Nepal

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Made using hot water, maize flour and grains, this traditional Nepalese dish (pictured here in the center) is a healthy breakfast alternative, and is most commonly found in the hill regions of Nepal. Known to be light yet filling, it provides the perfect energy boost for long days ahead. 

  1. Momo, Bhutan/Tibet/Nepal

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A type of South Asian dumpling, this breakfast dish and snack is similar to its Southeast and Eastern Asian cousins and is most commonly served with chili garlic sauce. Reminiscent of the warmth of our duvet, it is near impossible to have only one of these in the mornings, and extremely possible to fall in love with the soft texture, and meat or vegetable fillings.

  1. Paratha, Various

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One of the most popular flatbreads of the region, this layered whole wheat bread is most commonly shallow fried and may be stuffed or eaten plain alongside breakfast condiments such as eggs or vegetables. Thicker than roti or chapati, parathas are coated with layers of oil or ghee, and folded repeatedly, given them that scrumptious crumbly texture. Often also served with a knob of butter, when munching your third of these just remember: calories dont count in the morning.

  1. Ande Ki Bhuji, India

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Another South Asian twist on eggs, Ande Ki Bhuji is the Indian take on scrambled eggs. Mixed with coriander, spices, and tangy vegetables, egg bhujia or bhurji is a quick and exciting option for breakfast enjoyed by many in the city before heading to work. For the full works, add red chili and turmeric powder, and enjoy with hot hot hot parathas. 

  1. Appam, Sri Lanka

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Similar to a pancake, Appam is popular in the South Indian state of Kerala, and is made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk. Quick, healthy, and easy to make, this light breakfast is the perfect accompaniment to the beautiful beaches of Kerala and the tropical climate by the Malabar Coast. 

  1. Bakarkhani, Bangladesh and Pakistan

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Biscuit-like and hard, Bakarkhani is popular in Bangladesh and Kashmir, and cooked inside a Tandoor oven. Prepared with semolina, cardamom, sugar and ghee, this morning pastry is enjoyed warm alongside chai for a sweet start to the day. 

  1. Dosa, India

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Made from rice batter and urad beans, this South Indian staple is popular all around India for breakfast and as a midday snack. Served almost like a small parcel, mornings are that much cuter when you get to unwrap it to find spicy potatoes or vegetable curry on the inside. It’s the little things, am I right?

  1. Uttapam, India

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Like a cross between a dosa and a thick American pancake, Uttapam is made by cooking its ingredients into its batter. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, these South Indian breakfast babies are topped with onion, chillies, and peppers, and often eaten with sambar and chutney. 

  1. Paneer Bread Roll, India

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A quick breakfast for on the go, or a mid-morning snack at school or in the office, paneer bread rolls are made by stuffing spiced paneer into bread before rolling and frying. If you needed an excuse to eat fried cheese for breakfast, look no further. 

  1. Cold Coffee, India

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Cold coffee is a popular morning beverage in the South Asia, and is often enjoyed in small cups alongside breakfast. Whilst tea is generally more popular, it is indisputable that cold coffee is one of the best ways to beat the South Asian heat. 

  1. Idli, India/Sri Lanka

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Soft and fluffy like clouds on a plate, this South Indian breakfast cake consists of a lentil and rice batter. Steamed to perfection and served with various condiments, what better way to wake up than to a breakfast shaped like a bed pillow? 

  1. Puri, India/Pakistan

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Most commonly served with curry or bhaji, puri is a popular fried bread eaten for breakfast or as a light snack around the region. A light alternative to the heavier, starchier flatbreads, these golden puffballs add the perfect crunch to your day, and its fun shape make it popular with kids too. 

  1. Kiribath, Sri Lanka

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There are few things sweeter on a morning in South Asia than coconut milk and cooked rice. Kiribath combines both in the form of a diamond-shaped Sri Lankan rice pudding, and is a traditional Sinhalese dish often enjoyed in celebration of the New Year. Celebrate a new day every day with this dish, served with red onions and spices or bananas. 

  1. Masala Chai, India/Various

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No list on food from South Asia would be complete without the most popular beverage of all: the beautifully spiced, milky, warm, masala chai. Made by brewing black tea with a mixture of Indian spices and herbs, this beverage is for many the first of the day, and referred to as ‘bed tea’. Most true served on a street corner by a chai walla and best had alongside biscuits such as those pictured, good morning from the most comforting, most fragrant cuppa from South Asia. 

Have any more South Asian breakfast favourites of your own? Let us know in the comments!