16 Things Everyone Does On Any Holiday Ever

That mini heart attack when you remembered you forgot something…

#Relatable: 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 8/10

  1. Panic last minute on your way to the airport/at the check-in counter/on the plane

enchantedbyhiddles // via Tumblr

Did I turn off the iron?” “Where is my passport?” “Do we have snacks?!

  1. Get very excited about very basic toiletries

hotelshampoo // via Tumblr

I need these cotton buds. And this tiny shower gel. And this crappy toothbrush.

  1. Jump on the bed

im-a-hotmess // via Tumblr

Just one of those Im on holiday!rituals

  1. Actually have breakfast 

jhwphay // via Tumblr

If only you could wake up to a full breakfast buffet back home, ahhh

  1. Make questionable fashion choices

a-night-in-wonderland // via Tumblr

Its the new, cool, vacation you.

  1. Be determined to look tan

@usahola // via Instagram

Got to make sure everyone back home knows youve been abroad somewhere fabulous and sunny

  1. Forget everything you know about currency conversion

610jason // via Tumblr

At least when the locals rip you off, you wont know?

  1. Attempt to speak the native language

colon3 // via Tumblr

So much mispronouncing.

  1. Avoid/embrace people from your home country

seinfeld-daily // via Tumblr

You either hide and act like youre not from the same place, or you introduce yourself and become vacation BFFs.

  1. Try the local cuisine 

the-future-now // via Tumblr

And subsequently get food poisoning.

  1. Take. Pictures. Of. Everything.

d-iagnose // via Tumblr

The clouds from your window seat on the plane, seventeen selfies with your selfie stick in front of a noteworthy monument, your hot dog legs by the pool and the beach, a leaf on the floor, the wind in the air

  1. Fear being robbed in big cities

needentertainment // via Tumblr

**anxiously clutches bag on London Tube**

  1. Buy all the souvenirs

mysimpsonblogisgreaterthanyours // via Tumblr

And duty free shopping.

  1. Plan to read (and never actually get down to it)

mayeunice93 // via Tumblr

Also see: Im going to go to the gym everyday

  1. Fall in love with a new place

like—girls—insane // via Tumblr


16. And dream about it for weeks after you leave.

goeurotravel // via Tumblr

Agree? Disagree? What are your holiday habits? Let us know in the comments!