17 Christmas Decorating Ideas To Shower Your House With Cheer

These also make for great DIY gifts!

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This article was originally posted on 14th December 2016.

Have you decked your halls yet?

Get yourself and everyone around you deep into the Christmas spirit with some of these creative Christmas decorating ideas using many items you’ll definitely have lying around the house.

Throw on some Christmas music and slap on an ugly sweater – these will make your Christmas DIY sooo strong. Happy crafting!

  1. Get glitzy with old light bulbs

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This is a glamourous way to give old light bulbs new life, and best of all, involves a ton of colourful glitter. 

  1. A really sweet rocking horse

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Looks super rustic and super homey, just what you need for the holidays. Use them to adorn your gifts for an extra cute touch.

  1. Adorn lamps with cut-out paper snowflakes 

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This way you’ll definitely have a white Christmas.

  1. Festive Christmas balls made of yarn and glue

Cr: © adalin.mospsy

These will look so sophisticated and elegant, it’ll be hard to tell whether you got them for $50 dollars in a department store or made from $5 at the dollar store.

  1. A great excuse for drinking this holiday

Cr: etsy/plumslife

Use corks to DIY some mini trees

  1. Ice skates from twigs

Cr: © michelemademe

Who knew twigs could be so useful?

  1. Artsy coloured baubles

Cr: theswelldesigner

Place crayon pieces in your favourite colours inside of transparent baubles and then heat them with a hair dryer to create stunning stains inside the ornament.

  1. Make huuuuuge Christmas lights

Cr: pinterest

Using some green plastic cups and balloons, this is particularly handy for those who like to go big (but are a little broke). 

  1.  Give cupcakes some Christmas cheer

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You don’t have to be a master baker. Just add some cute Santa accessories to any cupcakes or muffins, and they’ll look straight out of the elf factory. 

  1. Get creative with some pine cones

Cr: ihappymama

Arm yourself with paints and some fabric or buttons, and let your imagination run wild with this winter staple.

  1.  Bauble bears

Cr: © littlebirdlee

It doesn’t get much cuter than this. Apply a little glue to the cotton to shape perfect balls/bear limbs.

  1. Lay your table with Christmas stockings

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Trust me, your guests will love this one.

  1.  Cinnamon stick Christmas trees

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Fragrant and adorable.

  1.  Bottled fairy lights

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Fill old wine bottles with a string of lights and let all your nights be magical.

  1.  Make snowflake Christmas trees

Cr: blogspot

Great for table setting and your own personal winter wonderland

  1.  Put holes in your cookies and make for some very tempting garlands

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Gingerbread men on a garland, like a dream come true.

  1.  Toast to the season in style

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Use ribbons (or paint if you dare!) to decorate wine and champagne glasses, making every sip a festive sip.

Happy Holidays to your house!

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