17 Times Food Just Downright Lied Food Lies To You

After everything we’ve been through…

From weird AF cooking instructions over to unexpected surprises, take a scroll through the pictures below, featuring all the food lies our food has tried to tell us.

1. That time it claimed ramen is for TWO people

CR: imgur.com / Via reddit.com via Buzzfeed

What is this sorcery??

2. When you measure a Subway footlong sub and it’s actually only 11 inches

Cr: imgur.com / Via reddit.com via Buzzfeed

May not be the first time somebody lied about size, but we didn’t expect this from you, sandwich.

3. This watermelon that was all talk and no action

CR: gosatisfy via Tumblr

Wow that was not expected.

4. It’s like… they just don’t want us to be happy

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So many lies.

5. You had ONE job

CR: pr1ncesshawn via Tumblr

One berry + loaf is not one berry loaf.

6. Opening a wrapper to find utter disappointment…

CR: pr1ncesshawn via Tumblr

Such high hopes. We had such high hopes for you, Panda.

7. Cup noodles turned out to be a lot more air than noodles

CR: imgur.com via Buzzfeed

They always seemed suspiciously light…

8. This is not french fries and egg. I repeat, not french fries and egg.

CR: foodpornit via Tumblr

Pfft, if you thought you could trick me into eating healthy you thought wrong.

9. Granola bar or Granola crumbs?

CR: lastoneout via Tumblr

You know you’re a true daredevil if you eat them while seated in a car

10. Did you know that every single fruit loop tastes the same despite the various colour differences?

CR: Lewis Wright / Getty Images via Buzzfeed

We know, it’s hard to swallow.

11. Lies, lies everywhere.

CR: youtube.com via Buzzfeed

We miss the 0.11

12. This is not what I wanted with my Happy Meal

CR: jasonhorton via Tumblr

They sound similar but they are not the same

13. Is this the saver version of a McChicken?

CR: pr1ncesshawn via Tumblr

(It isn’t. That is a chicken nugget on a burger bun.)

14. You can’t always trust new packaging

CR: imgur.com via Buzzfeed

How could you do this straight to our faces?

15. This just doesn’t seem right…

CR: the-vexed-vortex via Tumblr

It just feels wrong.

16. Don’t truly think that’s a good thing

CR: the-vexed-vortex via Tumblr

(still love you though, grandma)

17. Sigh.

CR: unlimitedinternet via Tumblr

I need some food to get over this.