17 Things People Who Are Always Cold Will Shiver And Agree With

*When your feet are two foot-shaped icicles*

#BRRRRRR: ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ 9/10

If you’re reading this from under a heavy blanket/scarf/seven layers of clothing, you’re going to relate so hard.

Anyone who is always cold knows that the struggle is particularly real during these Winter months. Between clattering teeth and cold feet, grab a hot cuppa tea/coffee/lava, and know that you are not alone. We got you:

  1. You’ve had serious arguments over the thermostat with your siblings/roommates/pets



  1. You get a lot of ‘OMG YOUR HANDS ARE FREEZING’

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And anyone who ever has to share a bed with you hates your feet with a passion.

  1. When you see people eating outside in cold weather, you give them very confused looks

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What is this madness?

  1. You’ve stopped shaving your legs the second we reached single-digit temperatures.

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The hairier the legs, the more fur to keep me warm.

  1. You have a ~nice~ coat and an ~actual~ coat to keep you warm

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And when the temperature drops below 0, screw looking ~nice~.

  1. Getting out of bed in the morning is a real struggle

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Also, the debate of ‘shall I just get out and pee’ or ‘shall I just hold it in and die’

  1. Getting undressed to shower is a real struggle too

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I’ll just stink today.

  1. When you do shower, you sometimes get lost in the steam from all the hot water

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And leaving it is the next struggle of your morning.

  1. You hate it when you go somewhere and the heating is turned a little too low for your liking

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I came indoors to feel warm and I’m just feeling so attacked right now. Me and my layers are leaving.

  1. You’ve considered carrying a little heater with you everywhere

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Or dressing like this. You’d look ridiculous. But. You’d feel very warm.

  1. When you go to the bathroom and the toilet seat is literally ice and they only have cold water to wash your hands with

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We are NEVER going there again. Also, you end up using the dryer to warm every ounce of your body.

  1.  You use multiple blankets/duvets/throws. The whole shebang. Every night.

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It’s necessary. 

  1. You don’t know what shorts or flip flops or bikinis feel like anymore

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Was there ever a time when turtlenecks and wool jumpers weren’t mandatory? Is it called paradise?

  1. You have a love/hate relationship with your car.

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You get in and it’s COLDCOLDCOLD but then the air blasts HOTHOTHOT and then you start to get a little sweaty and then it’s starting to make you sleepy and by the time you get the right temperature, you’ve reached your destination and need to get out. 

  1. You’ve gotten kind of used to the hobo chic aesthetic

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Yes, it’s a style ok. Everyone in Paris and Milan is wearing it. 

  1. You’ve perfected the little claw clutch for when you buy a hot drink just to hold it and warm your fingers

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Wasn’t thirsty, just fingers too numb to type on my phone. 

  1. But that feeling of when you take your pale, chapped-lipped, hairy self into a hot bath to sip hot chocolate and then nap under a heavy duvet and then eat steaming fondue and sit in front of a chimney…

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That’s something people who are never cold will never understand. 

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Now get back under your covers.