19 Photographs Of Tokyo By Night That Will Make You Want To Visit Japan

Like something straight out of a fluorescent fairytale

If you’re looking for a little bit of wanderlust, sit back and enjoy these images.

Self-taught Japanese photographer Masashi Wakui is making us dream of Japan with his beautiful images capturing buzzing Tokyo by night.

Although ‘buzzing’ perhaps isn’t a fair word here. Wakui’s work goes far beyond the famously crowded Tokyo we know from the movies. Featuring unsuspecting figures and heavy rain, delicate lanterns and neon signs, it’s an intimate glimpse into what we would imagine a curious stroll in Tokyo by night.

Capturing largely backstreets and side alleys, the photographs have something of a fluorescent fairytale. Have we immersed ourselves into a sci-fi novel? An addicting video game? A secret mission only we can solve?

Take a look through these subtly captivating images below, and let your imagination run wild.

Tokyo by night

All images cr: Masashi Wakui

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h/t: BoredPanda