2 Dogs Had An Engagement Photo Shoot And It Is Far Cuter Than Most Human Ones

The romance is big in these photos

Engagement photoshoots are a romantic thing for many couples.

Between cute poses and gentle kisses, holding hands and staring into each other’s eyes, it’s a sweet moment for many looking to get married. Yet whilst human photo shoots are quite common, it isn’t every day that two dogs take part in an engagement photo shoot too. 

Although, really, I wish they did. 

How cute is this?!

Sebastian and Luna are two Washington D.C. puppies who are somewhat #InstaFamous, with a fan following of 56,000 followers and counting on their SebastianLovesLuna Instagram account. Whilst any human account by the same name would probably have us barfing in our mouths, this account is quite possibly one of the sweetest puppy posters out there. 

So happy

Visiting D.C.’s cherry blossom festival over this past weekend, the two took some very adorable photos and broke all of our hearts as we realised a) this is so sweet we can’t even, and b) our own photos will never look this cute. 

What a couple. 

There’s also an album of “outtakes” from the shoot, but if you’re thinking ugly double chin moments or shots with eyes closed, you’ll be weirdly surprised. The only thing that makes these shots an outtake is because they got way too freakin’ cute.

Sigh, #RelationshipGoals.  

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h/t: Mashable