20 Awkward Dating Scenarios Every Serial Dater Will Have Experienced

*That time everyone I knew got married and had babies and I watched Netflix and had a cat that didn’t die*

LOL #Relatable: 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 8/10

If you’ve ever been on a date or ever texted a crush, this is for you.

An artist called Violet Clair is taking all the sorrows and awkward dating stories off our chest with her hilariously relatable drawings about dating in New York City.

From great expectations to disappointing revelations, Clair perfectly captures the ups and downs of dating in the city. Be it sneaky confessions to your girlfriends or making fun of couples happily in love, Clair’s colourful drawings hit the perfect spot between funny and dead-honest truth.

Whether you’re snuggled up in bed with bae, or snuggled up as single as a Pringle (#lies because Pringles are actually always spooning one another), take a scroll through these cheeky and awkward dating scenarios below. You’re gonna relate. And you’re gonna giggle.

All images cr: Violet Clair

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