20 Hong Kong Style Egg Waffles You Need In Your Belly This Weekend

Snacking Hong Kong style ;)

Get In My Belly: 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 10/10

Made using an egg batter and poured into spherical shaped-pans, Hong Kong style egg waffles are having a bit of a moment lately. And we completely understand why. 

Originating from popular street food in Hong Kong and Macau, the cutesy egg waffles are referred to in Cantonese as ‘gai daan jai.’ In English, we loosely translate this into ‘bubble waffle’, ‘egg puff’, or, my personal fave, ‘puffle.’

Whatever word may float your boat, take a scroll through a couple of these adorable snacks below, and have them float right into your mouth. Happy eating with your eyes!

  1. Guuuyyys waffles are served! Fresh from the iron!

Cr: Charmaine Mok for CNNGO

  1. Filled with ice cream for your drooling

Cr: via eventsintorontotown

  1. Make it a healthy one, throw in some strawberries.

Cr: Terri R.

  1. How perfect do these look

Cr: Maggie W.

  1. Crispy on the outside, squidgy on the inside

Cr: you-win-lee

  1. Yums on Yums on Yums

Cr: kirbiecravings

  1. Some people look kinda scary from close-up, not this waffle tho.

Cr: Robyn Lee

  1. Want to touch these so bad, like edible bubble waffle wrap

Cr: chickenscrawlings

  1. Dressed like a crepe, but better.

Cr: WilliamsSonoma

  1. I live for that gooey inside

Cr: craving-nomz

  1. Is that nori?Noiiiiceee

Cr: via eventsintorontotown

  1. Hiii loves of my life

Cr: Robyn Lee

  1. As if this could get any better, now sprinkles are making an appearance too! Is it my birthday?!

Cr: Cauldron Ice Cream/Instagram

  1. Bumpy bumpy bliss

Cr: kirbiecravings

  1. Black sesame ice cream from heaven

Cr: Katie C.

  1. S’mores egg waffle cake, we’ve seen it all now.

Cr: Jennifer W.

  1. Say ‘ahh’

Cr: Jackie W.

  1. Pretty as a picture (no, no, prettier)

Cr: Jennifer W.

  1. Green tea egg waffles!

Cr: cravemag

  1. And Ube egg waffles. Thank u <3 

Cr: Michelle S.

Now get in my belly, every single one of you.

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Who’s hungry?