20 Beautiful Pictures of Costa Rica That Will Make You Say ‘Vamanos!’

(It means ‘let’s go’ in Spanish.)

If you’re in need of a holiday, but are currently finding yourself glued to an office desk/classroom/same old surroundings, here, come with us right now.

We’re taking a tour of Costa Rica, baby!

1. This divine happy hour by the beach

Cr: Annie Daly via Buzzfeed

2. This stunning volcano that looks like a screensaver but is actually real life

Cr: Flickr: whappen via Buzzfeed

3. This sunset sky that is just all shades of beautiful

Cr: Annie Daly via Buzzfeed

4. These sloths aka your new BFFs

Cr: Flickr: 28759204@N00 via Buzzfeed

5. These red petals blowing in the sky like natural confetti

Cr: latinoking via Tumblr

6. These yummalicious fried plantains

Cr: Flickr: tonezlife via Buzzfeed

7. This coconut that is just as fresh as it gets

Cr: instagram.com via Buzzfeed

8. This boat ride into the most stunning sunset

Cr: Annie Daly via Buzzfeed

9. Red/Orange not your colour? No problemo

Cr: Annie Daly via Buzzfeed

10. Bananas on Bananas on Bananas

Cr: David Alan Harvey/africansouljah via Tumblr

11. This absolutely dreamy view

Cr: joeonwheels via Tumblr

12. This *secret* waterfall

Cr: chief-slap-a-hoe via Tumblr

13. This hanging bridge that looks super fun and super bouncy

Cr: yourhighnesselaina via Tumblr

14. Another crazy footbridge (into another stunning sunset?)

Cr: Anna Omelchenko / Getty Images via Buzzfeed

15. This beautiful blue water with matching beautiful blue tie dye shirt

Cr: Annie Daly via Buzzfeed

16. These gorgeous creatures off the coast

Cr: David Currey/tropical-orcas via Tumblr

17. The bluest blue water you ever did see

Cr: wildfireworld via Tumblr

18. This ‘Resort Cafe Butterflies’

Cr: exploringelsewhere via Tumblr

19. Another beautiful sunset + horses

Cr: breathtakingdestinations via Tumblr

20. And, oh, here’s our BFF again.

Cr: boredpanda via Tumblr

Spontaneous trip to Costa Rica anyone?

Cr: agraciteinmycereal via Tumblr

h/t: Buzzfeed