If You Love Pugs, You Need To See This 2018 Pug Yoga Calendar

Basically, everybody needs this.

Take My Money: 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶  6/10

If there’s one thing that could make every single sucky Monday and every happy Friday THAT much better, it’s this.

A pug yoga calendar exists, and it is everything you could have ever hoped for.

Comedian Alex Hooper has teamed up with two super adorable snug pugs named Carlton and Kimchi to bring dog yoga (doga) to our homes for 12 months of the coming year. Featuring a host of pictures showing Hooper in various yoga poses, the pug yoga calendar is sure to bring a smile to any moody day that awaits in 2018. The kickstarter page reads, “Pugs & yoga together at last! Stunning photos of iconic LA landmarks featuring adorable wrinkled faces in this beautiful 2018 calendar.”

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Photographed by Troy Conrad, the photo series is a funny and charming collection of images. They demonstrate a beautiful bond between dog and downwards-facing dog, with a backdrop of a sunny city. Furthermore, Hooper states that for every $20 made from the calendars, 10% will go to Pug Nation Rescue in L.A.

The organisation has an important place in the dog owner’s heart, as it is the organisation that saved Hooper’s dog Kimchee from a kill shelter in South Korea. “I want people to know its good to adopt an older dog that’s been through some trauma or seems a little damaged – they’re just as beautiful as the young ones. When I look at Kimchee, I see her big eyes, everything she’s been through and how appreciative of us she is as a family.”

Sigh. Now if that’s not the love you want streaming out of your calendar next year… <3

Perfect for anyone who loves dogs or Los Angeles or a man doing yoga together with both of those things, find out more and get yours on the pug yoga calendar kickstarter page.

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