21 Beautiful Pictures Of The Bahamas For When You Need Some Air (And Bahamas)

If you need us we’ll be in the Bahamas away from your BS-mas. 

Take Me There: 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴 10/10

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(and goodbye misery and work and winter and politics and problems.)

  1. There there, I know the world can be rough sometimes, but do not let that make you bitter. Instead, come to the Bahamas.

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  1. Let us hug you like waves on the shore

Cr:  Trish Hartmann

  1. Messy head? Here, get in this messy bed. 

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  1. Bella Hadid is here too!

Cr: via hadidbe

  1. Here, Bella is already wearing her hat and sipping her cocktail. Now grab yours. 

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  1. Sea life so breath-taking it’ll make you question whether it’s photoshop

Cr: oceansrealm

  1. The houses mirror the colour of the seas (and it’s a nice blue because it’s not filled with pollution yay)

Cr: Kenneth Garcia

  1. Seriously, the home colour game is very strong here.

Cr: feeascolivesnyc

  1. You’ll collect some really gorgeous shells

Cr: mermaidkarlita

  1. Make some very cute friends

Cr: heleneoctobre

  1. And also some more adventurous friends

Cr: @tony_trajkovich

  1. Oh, there’s Bella again.

Cr: Brett Kincaid

  1. Imagine walking down this pier and having lunch at the tip

Cr: russwoo-blog-blog

  1. Feel the sand between your fingers

Cr: destroyingeverythingold

  1. You know that song by Coldplay called ‘Paradise’? Yeah.

Cr: living-in-luxury

  1. Refill? Okay, just a sec.

Cr: still–getting–there

  1. You’ll never lounge anywhere as you do here

Cr: sunshineondown

  1. The little tropical umbrellas in drinks and snow cones actually make sense here.

Cr: 3ggr0ll

  1. Stingrays lead the way

Cr: eugene_kitsios

  1. And hammocks mark the spot (for ultimate napping)

Cr: sunshine-fires

  1. Where could be better than here?

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