22 History Memes Guaranteed To Make All History Lovers Chuckle

These will make feel like ANYTHING but Switzerland circa WWI and WWII

From guys who start drama over to the effects of colonisation and some cheeky #TBTs, we gathered some of the best history memes from History In Memes for your enjoyment and geeking out.

  1. This clever history pun needs to be appreciated

  1. The Great Plague

  1. Napoleon and the #TBT to the Battle of Waterloo

  1. The truth behind colonisation

  1. Hehehe

  1. Marxism

  1. Alllllll the drama

  1. Marx will NOT have your capitalism

  1. But… but… my invasion plan…

  1. This is kind of dark lulz

  1. You get a red book! You get a red book! And You get a red book!

  1. Bye bye Treaty of Versailles

  1. Oh Italy

  1. Classic Brutus

  1. “Bed, Wed, Behead”

  1. This buuuurrrrnnnn

  1. Growing the Roman Empire like

  1. Shoutout to all #1700Kids…

  1. Say no more, Lenin coming thru

  1. Lenin is BACK

  1. Those Mongolians

  1. And. How about No.

These history memes are by no means intended to offend anyone, and are for light-hearted (and sometimes dark-humoured) joking purposes only. Check out more over on History in Memes for a cheeky daily blast from the past.