22 Super Chill Photos of Cuba To Get All Up In Your Wanderlust

Cuba, me gustas tu.

Get in loser, we’re taking this stunning classic 1950’s Cuban car and going shopping.

From the colourful town buildings to the charming classic transportation, Cuba gives off a chill vibe like no other. Take a scroll through some snaps of the South American wonder below, and at the end, find yourself saying, “Cuba, me gustas tu.”

  1. This car, this is the car we’re getting in.

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  1. Rollin’ in Old Havana

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  1. Fruit on fruit on fruit

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  1. Skies and walls so blue

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  1. A school of fish, like a sky full of stars, for u <3

Cr: David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes

  1. Cuban cigars bay bay

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  1. Keeping up

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  1. Colour combinations

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  1. Buenos Dias Sunshine!

Cr: Karen Khachaturov

  1. Imposing architecture awaits

Cr: Green in Havana,Cuba

  1. Cool coconuts 

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  1. Architectural beauty

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  1. Trinidad Town

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  1. Hey! Laundry Day!

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  1. Green Room

Cr: Green in Havana,Cuba

  1. Fresh laundry is just a really big deal here
Cr: Daniel Kramer
  1. CUBA

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  1. A dog’s life in Havana

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  1. Cuban night lights

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  1. Old Havana

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  1. Ready for my close up

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  1. And Venceremos!

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Cuba, me gustas tu.