22 Taiwanese Baos That Will Make You Say, ‘Bao Chicka Wow Wowww’

Bao so hard.

  1. Braised pork rib bao
Only true with fresh cilantro and peanuts

Cr: graceinfood

  1. Pork belly and shiitake mushroom bao with pork belly confit
Look at that beautiful piece of meat

Cr: cocoetcocoa

  1. Dry rub barbecue tofu bao
Dry rub and Tofu are two words that sound very delicious together

Cr: veganmiam

  1. Sticky ox cheek bao
Oh hello Ox cheek! Good to c u!

Cr: ataleoftwosittings

  1. Hoisin and ginger pulled pork bao
Hoisin and Ginger, a love story.

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  1. Braised pork belly baos
A minute of silence as we appreciate that pork skin

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  1. Tofu bao, softshell crab bao and short rib bao (from top)
I need this picture hanging on my wall

Cr: insatiablemunchies

  1. Juicy bulgogi bao
Sluuuuuuurping those juices <3 (bonus points for sesame)

Cr: FotoosVanRobin/Flickr

  1. Salt and pepper tofu bao
This looks as fresh as spring and makes me feel things

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  1. Pork bao with peanut powder and pickled vegetables
Look how cosy and warm it looks in there

Cr: fallintaipei

  1. Braised pork belly bao
Ok that skewer just came out of nowhere and suddenly made this bao 10x more adorable

Cr: theforkbite

  1. Spicy fried chicken bao
How could you improve fried chicken? BY PUTTING IT IN A BAO

Cr: notesofbacon

  1. Pork belly and mustard greens bao topped with crushed peanuts
The peanuts… the pork… the coriander… I can’t…

Cr: foodsweety

  1. Wagyu skirt steak bao
Feeling fancy

Cr: tummydiary

  1. Pulled chicken baos
Real life or a painting?

Cr: gastronomicgoodies

  1. Crispy pork bao
I can hear the crispiness of biting into that and I am obsessed with it.

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  1. Crispy soft shell crab bao
woah woah woah

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  1. Fried daikon (radish) bao
A lot of cool veggie options on this list

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  1. Steamed barbecue pork (char siu) bao
Sticky and Sexy.

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  1. Confit pork bao
So many textures. Such bliss.

Cr: eatwithsteph

  1. Bulgogi bao with spicy cucumbers and kimchi slaw and a fried egg on top
This is probably a mess to eat but it will be a freakin’ good mess

Cr: fmtik

  1. And a deep fried gua bao with salted caramel and miso soft serve. Because why stop at dessert? 😉
ok what.

Cr: dessertp0rn

Baos we are crazy a-bao-t you!

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