22 Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookies For You To Gobble Up Right Now

Step aside, ginger men.

LOL #SoCute: 🍪🎅🏼🍪🎅🏼🍪🎅🏼🍪🎅🏼🍪🎅🏼 10/10

One of the greatest Christmas traditions of the modern era is wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. They’re both very cosy and so very over the top that it brings in both Christmas cheer and maybe even a little repulsion. In a festive way!

And so, to get you fully into the Christmas spirit, we combined ugly sweaters with Christmas cookies to create a collection of ugly Christmas sweater cookies. Featuring some very rad icing skills and some borderline ridiculous designs, take a look at these festive bites below. You’re going to want to mentally eat/wear all of them.

  1. This is so quaint and classy, I feel like Mrs. Claus wears this round the house

Cr: Etsy user GuiltyConfections

  1. Icing Game Strong, Icing Game VERY STRONG.

Cr: Etsy user whippedbakeshop

  1. This person even made christmas light cookies, wows

Cr: Etsy user WhimsicalOriginalsDB

  1. Some very patient piping here

Cr: Bake Me Happy

  1. We’ve all owned one of these at some point

Cr: Saved from Sarah’s Sweets

  1. OMG there’s sweater vests too

Cr: SweetSugarBelle

  1. Don’t mind if I do

Cr: Kim Zapata

  1. Such creativity in design

Cr: Cindy Bircham

  1. Either this cookie is very large or the cookie-maker has some serious decorating skill

Cr: iambaker

  1. The sugary snow looks so real <3

Cr: Cindy Bircham

  1. JOY

Cr: Bake Me Happy

  1. These are too precious to eat, soz

Cr: taylormadetreats.com

  1. I swear this was in Vogue

Cr: dailydelights.sheknows

14. Can we take a second to appreciate this beauty

Cr: Cindy Bircham


Cr: livelaughrowe

  1. Two of these are kind of naughty… 😉

Cr: wetsealblog

  1. Ugly Christmas Cardigans are a thing too, dw

Cr: trendhunter

  1. Kiss Kathie Lee!!!

Cr: Whipped Bakeshop

  1. This is seriously a very popular design on cookies and in real life

Cr: Bake Me Happy

  1. Ugly Sweater Fashion Show

Cr: harryanddavid

  1. That wreath and that candy cane are making me feel things

Cr: Whipped Bakeshop

  1. I wore this yesterday I promise

Cr: Etsy user GuiltyConfections

  1. And here’s one for Star Wars lovers. Because what would Ugly Christmas Sweaters be without Star Wars lovers?

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