24 Candy Cane Recipes That Are Cute AF

Get creative with those canes!

#FestiveFood: 🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼 8/10

The festive season is upon us and that means lot’s of candy canes afloat in our homes.

Whether you’re looking for a new way to use up the sweet little treats, or simply want to level up from using them as mere tree decor, we rounded up some super cute candy cane recipes for you to enjoy this winter. Be it in desserts or in hot drinks, there’s something for every sweet tooth here. Who knew candy canes could be so versatile?

  1. Candy cane brownie trifle

Cr: thefoodcharlatan

How gorgeous is this?

  1. Candy cane peppermint marshmallows

Cr: bakerita

Marbled perfection, get the recipe here

  1. Candy cane Christmas s’mores dip

Cr: cafedelites

How else are you supposed to have s’mores during this season? (recipe here)

  1. Candy cane bark dipped pretzels

Cr: layersofhappiness

A little bit salty, a little bit sweet, all in one recipe

  1. Chocolate candy cane cupcakes

Cr: heymodestmarce

Cupcakes are a must. (recipe here)

  1. Peppermint bars

Cr: bellalimento

The best kind of bar, let’s be honest. Get drunk in love on it here

  1. Candy cane doughnuts

Cr: popsugar

Vegan AND gluten-free, double whammy recipe here

  1. Cinnamon sugar candy cane bread twists

Cr: lecremedelacrumb

Okay, we cheated a little with this one. 

  1. Candy cane vodka

Cr: shutterbean

The star of your Christmas party!

  1. Peppermint bark cheesecake 

Cr: lilluna

Okay I am imagining this in my mouth right now and it is very, very good. 

  1. Candy cane white chocolate creme brulee

Cr: culinaryconcoctionsbypeabody

100 points for creativity and candy canes! (recipe here)

  1. Peppermint fudge cake with candy cane decor

Cr: introvertbaker

Let them eat candy cane cake! (recipe here)

  1. Candy cane cranberry cocktail

Cr: jennysteffens

Who knew you could make something so fabulous with candy canes? 

  1. Hot chocolate candy cane meltaway cookies

Cr: lecremedelacrumb

Why have hot chocolate when you can have it in a beautiful meltaway cookie? (recipe madness here)

  1. Chocolate peppermint ice cream sandwiches

Cr: aliceandlois

Candy cane sandwiches. Boom. (recipe here)

  1. Dark chocolate candy cane cookies

Cr: livforcake

Dipped in candy canes, we’re whipped for this recipe. 

  1. Peppermint bark balloon balls

Cr: hungryhappenings

These make for cute homemade gifts too!

  1. Candy cane crunch milkshake

Cr: iwashyoudry

Move over, simple strawberry milkshake. The candy cane crunch milkshake is here

  1. Peppermint cookies and cream ice cream 

Cr: completelydelicious

If you’re going to have ice cream in winter, have this one. 

  1. Candy cane cookies and cream mug cake

Cr: kirbiecravings

When you’re feeling lazy but also candy cane-y, try this

  1. Vegan candy cane meringue kisses

Cr: wallflowerkitchen

A kiss for this recipe. 

  1. Pink peppermint bark macarons

Cr: howsweeteats

  1. Candy cane brownie cookies

Cr: somethingswanky

Look at that melty chocolate perfection in there, courtesy of this recipe. 

  1. And candy cane fudge. 

I mean, how cute is that fluff of cotton candy on top of this recipe. 

Who knew you could do so much with candy canes?

You do now. 

Cr: www.hulu.com