24 Daintily Dreamy Photos of Bali To Beat Those Monday Blues

Bali beats any type of blues, always.

Take Me There: 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 9/10

Pack your bags, we’re escaping Monday.

From adorable little monkeys to dreamy sunbeams and delicate architecture, take a little adventure through Bali today. And watch all those weekly worries float away.

  1. Good morning, Mondays got you down? Do not fear, adorable-monkey-hardly-bigger-than-coconut is here!

Cr: kallelundholm

  1. Come, come sit by the pool and take a sweet Seminyak nap

Cr: byhollypearson

  1. All doors are open to you here in online Bali, step inside the temple of bliss

Cr: sabonhomeblog

  1. Hindu elephant god Ganesha welcomes you

Cr:  lifemaniac91

  1. Hungry? Here, have a dragon fruit, you dragon.

Cr: capitalveg

  1. Come watch the sunset that resembles an old oil painting hanging in a museum in cold Europe somewhere

Cr: dyrkwyst

  1. And admire the religious art of the region

Cr: arjuna-vallabha

  1. You have water balloons? We have buckets of waterfall water in the middle of a waterfall.

Cr: ultimate-passport

  1. This will be the prettiest meal you make ever in the prettiest outdoor kitchen ever (bonus points if it’s healthy too)

Cr: madabout-interior-design

  1. Hello Lord Vishnu’s torso

Cr: arjuna-vallabha

  1. Hello hot random girl’s torso

Cr: @thebohoparade

  1. Bali’s stunning scenery may cause you to do poses like this

Cr: @insanelyxia

  1. And stunning palace architecture like this may make your jaw drop

Cr: arjuna-vallabha

  1. The only time I will eat only healthy fruit for breakfast is with this stunning view

Cr: theroadtoliberty

  1. Just a morning swim with some perfect flowers in perfect waters

Cr: auxeona

  1. That monkey in the middle tho

Cr: snorkeldink

  1. Copper bathtubs and wooden bathroom fixtures are what we live for

Cr: sabonhomeblog

  1. This is just all kinds of romantic house goals

Cr: fckyeah-asianlife

  1. Bali, why u so beautiful?

Cr: retropicool

  1. Take inspiration from these elephants, and take your Monday on with a laugh

Cr: organicfeelings

  1. Get your makeup on fleek like this Indonesian lady

Cr: arjuna-vallabha

  1. Take on the strength of this man in the fields

Cr: NiyaziKaya

  1. Feed yourself some steaming sticky jasmine rice

Cr: patdaneri

  1. And read this sign.

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You’re going to be fine.

Which monkey is having a dope Monday?

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This monkey.

(Be the monkey.)

(Be the Monday monkey.)