24 Nacho Recipes That Are Nacho Average Nacho Recipes

From classic cheesy to super spicy, low-cal, and Asian-inspired

Get In My Belly: 👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅 9/10

From the classic dreamy cheesy to the spicy, low-cal and even Japanese and Irish-inspired, we gathered our favourite nacho recipes – that are nacho average nacho recipes.

They’re better.

Happy munching!

  1. Surf ‘n Turf Party Nachos

Cr: soupaddict

Surf them cheesy waves of steak and shrimp goodness!

Recipe here.

  1. Grilled Sweet Potato Nachos

Cr: Pinch of Yum

Because grilled sweet potatoes make everything better.

Recipe here.

  1. Chorizo French Fry Nachos

Cr: Foodness Gracious

Spice up your life.

Recipe here.

  1. BBQ Chicken Nachos

Cr: Belle Vie

Mixing together our favourite bar snacks.

Recipe here

  1. Cranberry, Butternut, and Brussels Sprout Brie Skillet Nachos

Cr: Half Baked Harvest

When you want to have nachos, but also, be fancy.

Recipe here.

  1. Hawaiian Pulled Pork Skillet Nachos

Cr: Iowa Girl Eats

Yes this is what they eat in Hawaii. (…)

Recipe here

  1. Wonton Nachos

Cr: Jonathan Boulton

Sounds crazy, tastes goooood.

Recipe here.

  1. Artisan Tropic and BBQ Chicken Plantain Nachos

Cr: jessiskitchen

Anything this colourful is bound to be good.

Recipe here

  1. California Roll Nachos

Cr: iamafoodblog

Who said you couldn’t have sushi as nachos?

Recipe here.

  1. Kimchi and Bulgogi Nachos

Cr: tworedbowls

Kimchi is the king in our lives.

Recipe here.

  1. Mexican Street Corn Nachos

Cr: Closet Cooking

Best with some shots of tequila on the side.

Recipe here

  1. Irish Nachos

Cr: Cooking with Curls

They love their potatoes.

Recipe here.

  1. Waffle Breakfast Nachos

Cr: thedeliciouslife

Any excuse for nachos as breakfast.

Recipe here.

  1. Chicken Pad Thai Nachos

Cr: Closet Cooking

When you feel like having Thai AND Mexican.

Recipe here

  1. Autumn Acorn Squash Pita Nachos with Pomegranates and Blue Cheese

Cr: climbinggriermountain

“I am a responsible adult” nachos.

Recipe here.

  1. Sriracha Beef Nachos

Cr: iamafoodblog

Spicy goodness.

Recipe here

  1. Nacho Soup

Cr: Ethan Calabrese

It’s a thing.

Recipe here.

  1. Loaded Goldfish Nachos

Cr: Fresh Family Cooking

Scoop them with a spoon and smile forever.

Recipe here.

  1. Vegan Mac and Cheese Nachos

Cr: veganyackattack

Vegans can enjoy nachos AND mac and cheese too!

Recipe here.

  1. Apple Pie Nachos

Cr: thrillist

Because you gotta have dessert at some point.

Recipe here

  1. Chorizo Breakfast Waffle Nachos

Cr: theroastedroot

How good does this look?!

Recipe here

  1. Nacho Casserole

Cr: Jonathan Boulton

Pot luck nachos.

Recipe here.

  1. Pizza Nachos

Cr: Taylor Made Market

Nacho average pizza.

Recipe here.

  1. And S’mores Nachos. 

Cr: Ethan Calabrese

Because, well, wowza.

Recipe here.

Nachooooooos !

Cr: piggoatbananacricket