25 Mouthwatering Chinese New Year Foods To Celebrate The Lunar New Year

The yummiest ways to bring in the Lunar Year of the Fire Rooster. 

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Falling on February 16th this year, the lunar new year is a huge festival celebrated across many Asian nations and their communities abroad. Besides firecrackers and red lanterns, food plays a very important role in the celebrations, as families get together to cook traditional meals and reunite to dine together. The dishes include ingredients which are believed to bring prosperity in the new year, and often symbolise luck and good fortune in Chinese language or belief. 

Whether you’re looking to celebrate with your friends and family, or are just curious for a little bite of the yummy stuff, take a scroll through some common Chinese New Year foods below, and get ready for the feast.

  1. Roasted and Braised Duck

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  1. Jiaozi (Dumplings)

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  1. Steamed Whole Fish

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  1. Radish and Pork Dumplings

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  1. Candied Mandarin Orange Peels

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  1. Pork Belly Zongzi

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  1. Spicy Chicken Salad

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  1. Longevity Noodles

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  1. Sweet Rice Cakes

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  1. Kimchi Dumplings (Mandu)

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  1. Char Siu BBQ Chinese Pork

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  1. Chinese Spring Rolls (Chun Juan)

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  1. Turnip (Daikon) Cakes with Sausage and Bacon

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  1. Mustard Greens (Changnian Cai)

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  1. Scallion Hua Juan

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  1. Braised Chicken with Chestnuts

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  1. Tea Eggs

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  1. Vietnamese Red Sticky Rice

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  1. Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce

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  1. Orange and Yellow Fruit (Oranges, persimmons, peaches)

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  1. Taiwanese Pineapple Cakes

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  1. Chinese Almond Cookies

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  1. Eight Treasures Rice (Babao Fan)

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  1. Glutinous Rice Balls in Sweet Syrup (Tang Yuan)

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  1. And Sticky Rice Balls (Nuomici).

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Wishing you a blessed Year of the Dog!

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What will you be feasting on?