28 Idyllic Pictures of Koh Samui To Whisk You Away Because Tomorrow’s Monday

On an island in the sun…

Take Me There: 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴 10/10

Let’s go on vacation?

Take a trip with us this Monday and explore Thailand’s beautiful island of Koh Samui. From the easy breezy swaying palms over to the perfectly serene beach nap spots, these images will definitely leave you with some dreamy inspiration to take on the week.

  1. Here, I know it’s Monday but just come take a seat in this serene sala
Perfect for a massage. Or lot’s of takeout.

Cr: odaro

  1. Don’t feel like sitting? Lie on these floating sunbeds, rest your little head
&& we all float on okay

Cr:  living-in-luxury 

  1. Waters so blue, waves are swaying you
everythings better by the seaside

Cr: withinandwithout

  1. Or you wanna go fishing? No probs gurlfran!
    ok shoutout to the cute colour situation here

Cr:  lkazphoto 

  1. Let’s take a tour of the island on this traditional open bus
wind in your hair, do not care

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  1. Don’t forget – stop and pet the kitty. 
stop and pet the kitty.

Cr: brendarindiary 

  1. How can you worry when everything is glowing in this beautiful warmth?
it’s like an ad. for living.

Cr: intelligentsound

  1. The Banyan Tree hotel will give you ultimate #HouseGoals
I feel like this is something out of a Kardashian holiday episode

Cr: ultimate-passport 

  1. And look! You can even have some of the best ice cream on the island (probably)
    honest advertising

Cr: eataku

  1. Is this water even real…
so this is where models do photoshoots

Cr: karolinagolis

  1. Who needs TV when you can just look at this all day?
it’s even shaped like a widescreen tv

Cr: living-in-luxury

  1. Spot the beautiful golden temple in the beach scene
is it really there?

Cr:  julia-moonburn

  1. Only Samui would have super chill lanterns like this
or overpriced at a hipster store somewhere

Cr: mekong_virus

  1. Have some very cool green tea in a carton (the anime really wants you to)
he looks very eager

Cr: stormkuniscreative

  1. I know what you’re wondering. Photoshop or Real Life?
real life. the answer is real life.

Cr: tounsyiaa

  1. Peace && Dogs
“Free your Soul”

Cr: stormkuniscreative

  1. The Big Buddha looks over all the land as the sun sets and your Monday anxiety slowly fades out of view
beautiful image

Cr: Andrey Palcev

  1. Here, have another pool sesh to reassure yourself.
can never have too many of those

Cr: kaavieira

  1. Palm Trees and 36 Degrees
for some reason, you also get complete privacy!

Cr: sareeraya

  1. Have a couple of these and you’ll take on the week like a boss
bonus points for awesome orchid

Cr: eataku

  1. Float through the days like a champion, like this temple on a lotus leaf
a very cool construction

Cr: yoononn

  1. And when in doubt, look at this monkey reaching for a hat
and what a sweet little face he has!

Cr: mymymym-blog-blog

  1. Tonight you’re lounging with a view over Samui at this Four Seasons resort
like a very dope treehouse

Cr: travelplusstyle

  1. Pick some dried squid to keep you company
flatten and dried for your enjoyment

Cr: mykaffieyes-blog

  1. And massage your mind into Monday
by the ocean, because, Samui.

Cr: weltenreise

  1. When all else fails – have some spring rolls. 
you can’t ever go wrong with spring rolls. this is a fact.

Cr: jandktravel

  1. Purple skies over Samui will lead the way

Cr: Koh Samui by Anindo Dey / 500px

  1. Have an amazing week! Go get ’em!
this elephant, musicians, and dancers believe in you!

Cr: Florid

Who’s amazing?

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