29 Things Every Fresher Experiences At A British Uni

Vomit, lot’s of questions, and more vomit. 

  1. So you’ve made it to Uni. Congratulations! Your parents must be so proud of you.

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  1. They’ll probably even drop you off, and stand by you as you meet your flatmates for the first time.

Cr: thelorelais 

  1. Your flatmates and you will become instant BFFs within hours.

Cr: shadowofasinner 

  1. And if not within hours, you’ll hit up the pubs together first. 

Cr: servare 

  1. Or you’ll just hit up the pubs together anyway.

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  1. You’ll see a fresher’s rep and instantly have your first Uni crush

Cr: youtube 

  1. He’ll sell you wristbands for club nights with wacky themes like ‘zoo night’ or ‘neon party’

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  1. You’ll also end up making a fancy dress costume at some point

Cr: elevate-yourmind

  1. You’ll meet a lot of people

Cr: catchingthefunnies

  1. And forget most of their names

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  1. You’ll be asked 3749793 times what your name and your course is

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  1. You may even brag about what you got in highschool/A-levels/IB

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  1. You’ll go to the fresher’s fair and sign up to lots of societies

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  1. You will never attend a meeting of said societies

Cr: nerdynumbers 

  1. You’ll be woken up by a fire alarm at an awful hour (4-5 am = prime fire alarm time)

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  1. Your food shopping will consist of 70% alcohol

Cr: readingaroundthemovies 

  1. The other 30% will be cup noodles, pizza, and mixers (for the alcohol)

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  1. You’ll play Never Have I Ever more often than you can remember

Cr: jonzykid 

  1. And pig out on drunk fries/kebabs/fried chicken

Cr: thetastycravings 

  1. And probably commit some regrettable mistakes

Cr: bloodsket 

  1. Someone will break up with their long-distance highschool love

Cr: ohnedich 

  1. And someone (many) will experience ~new things~

Cr: whatshouldwecallpiccolo 

  1. Lot’s of people will catch things like ‘Freshers’ Flu’

  1. And lot’s of people will ditch their 9 am after partying too hard

Cr: studypods 

  1. You’ll see people puke 

Cr: not-chris-ball 

  1. You might also puke

Cr: not-chris-ball 

  1. There’ll be lots of puke.

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  1. But the puke is what unites you

Cr: letsfrances1 

  1. And you’ll find friends for life. <3 

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Have a great freshers week and stay safe! 

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