For Her 30th Birthday, This Woman Had A ‘Funeral For Her Youth’

It was inspired by Kris Jenner

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There are many ways to celebrate a birthday.

Whether it’s a romantic dinner with boo, a get-together with the fam, or full-fledged debauchery at the club with your friends, there are many ways to celebrate a birthday.

This way, however, is probably one you would have never thought of.

30-year-old Mila Blatova from Russia turned 30 recently, and to celebrate her 30th birthday decided to have a ‘funeral for her youth’. That’s right – a funeral for her birthday.

Whilst the 30th birthday is a huge milestone for many, Blatova decided to look at 30 for what it is: the end of her youth. She tells UniLad, “my idea came from not wanting to leave my 20s and acknowledge that I’m now ‘old’. It was meant to be a funny way of accepting a new chapter in my life, the extreme drama in my photo was me channeling Kris Jenner in a meme I saw of her.”

And indeed, looking at the photos, a Kris Jenner-esque quality does come through.

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From the jet black balloons to the massive silver 30, we see where Blatova got her inspiration. The black dress code we assume is because despite the martini glass, this is a ‘funeral’. Blatova continues, “I was looking for a dark twist on being boujee and super dramatic on my birthday.”

All images cr: Mila Blatova via UniLad

Whether you think this is cool or freaky or freakishly cool, one thing is for sure: this is  definitely the most unique way to celebrate your 30th birthday. As for some wise advice now that she’s ‘old’, Blatova states, “Make the most of it and don’t be afraid of still having fun regardless of your age.”

Amen to that.

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