This Beautiful 3D Embroidery Art Is So Many Hair Goals

Sheena Liam’s work leaps off the page in beautifully chill ways

If you never thought a messy topknot could ever be art, your mind is about to change real quick.

Sheena Liam creates gorgeous embroidery art that quite literally leaps off the page.

The talented artist and fashion model uses embroidery hoops and a simple black thread to make small 3D art pieces. And they’re both serious #ArtInspo and #HairGoals all in one.

Liam’s embroidery art subjects predominantly feature women with flowing hair manes, tucked into braids, up in a bun, or wild and free in the wind. They’re scenes anyone with long hair is familiar with, and they’re captured with such beauty and finesse it’ll make any short-haired person want to grow a couple locks.

The black thread comes to life as the fine black hair falls out of the image into ~real life~. And it’s as trippy and terrific as it sounds.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Liam describes her embroidery art as bringing movement and soul to her pieces. Whilst Liam learnt embroidery from her mother at a young age, it wasn’t until she grew up to work as a model that she decided to create these feminine figures in her free time. When asked about her technique, it’s clear that Liam is a born natural. “The hair I mostly wing, each piece is unique in that sense; I just work it out until it works out. “

To be fair, it sounds very familiar to when I just wing my own hair too.

From delicate caresses to awkward standing poses, take a look at some of Liam’s work below, and have a very good (hair) day.

All images cr: Sheena Liam