9 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas To Make Mother Earth Proud

Environmentally-friendly and economical, too!

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Have you bought all your Christmas presents yet?

We round up some super easy and super eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas for you to use this winter. Make new use of old newspapers and materials around the house or simply show your love for the planet by recycling and reusing. From personal touches to a downright hipster look, check these out and get wrappin’!

  1. Use old maps for your travel-savvy friends and find the way to their hearts with these

Cr: Made by Meg

  1. Newspaper wrapping paper to get rid of bad news and spread more good news

Cr: The Sewing Loft

  1. Use flower pots to guard your gifts and please your gardening homies

Cr: Flickr / Crinklecrankle.com

  1. Turn old knit sweaters into cute gift bags because you’re too fat for it now anyway

Cr: A Homemade Living

  1. Use up old book pages for your literary friends and woo them deeply

Cr: Erinnish

  1. Make little plant and leaf wrapping paper (may be hard to find right now tho)

Cr: Homebuildlife

  1. Use your kids art because your kids are golden

Cr: Bella Pamella

  1. Make good use of tea towels, especially handy when gifting wine that will stain

Cr: La Vie Quotidienne

  1. Or use brown paper lunch bags. Yknow, for a very Yeezy kinda touch. 

Cr: Flickr / Jeffrey Beall

Happy Planet = Happy Christmas. <3