9 Questions Bewildered British People Have About “Thanksgiving”

So the president forgives the turkey…? Err…

  1. Is Thanksgiving like a rehearsal for Christmas?

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It looks and feels a lot like Christmas… just almost exactly a month in advance?? And doesn’t it kinda kill the magic of Christmas?

  1. What’s actually being celebrated?

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Something about Turkey and pilgrims? Shopping? Harvest? And wasn’t there a genocide?

  1. Why does the president forgive the turkey?

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Why is it not the other way around? And why is it only one turkey?

  1. What’s up with green bean casserole? And putting marshmallows on sweet potatoes? And what on earth are yams??

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What is all this madness!!!

  1. Do you actually go round the table and say what you’re thankful for?

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Like in a circle? Can it be anything? Does it have to be deep? Tbh, this is kinda sweet.

  1. But what does shopping have to do with being thankful?

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Doesn’t it ruin the whole saying-thanks-circle situation by going out and loading up on material things? Also, why is it called Black Friday?

  1. Why does a blow up fast food chain character float down the road at the parade?

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Giving thanks for McFlurrys and nuggets? Do McTurkey burgers exist? Or turkey nuggets?

  1. Is turducken and turturkeykey really a thing? (Please say no)

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How? And more importantly, whhhhhhy?

  1. What’s up with all the sports? And how can you eat so much and still play?!

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From what we see you eat a lot on Thanksgiving, and then play football??

Questions on questions on questions. 

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Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate!

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h/t: RadioTimes