A Cafe With Beds For Napping Has Opened In Tokyo, Sleepy People Rejoice

Visitors get to sleep in luxury beds and are served complimentary coffee after waking up

Take Me Here: 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴 7/10

Get packing. And napping. We’re going to Japan.

A new ‘Nap Cafe’ has opened in Tokyo’s trendy district of Harajuku, as part of a collaboration between instant coffee brand Nescafe and Japanese bed manufacturer France Bed to celebrate World Sleep Day. 

For all those who overslept… World Sleep Day was March 17th, but keep reading. 

Okay this is perfect

Think plush luxury reclining beds from the Japanese bed brand, Philips Hue lights setting all the right vibes, and Sony headphones playing soothing ocean waves. Such is the magical slumberland that has opened at Nescafe Harajuku

Order from an iPad and sip some complementary coffee

Visitors (nappers) to the cafe are handed a free cup of Nescafe decaffeinated coffee before engaging in their perfect nap, and served another cup of regular coffee once they wake up. It’s certainly a five star experience, and whilst we’d drop everything and just move in right away, there is one small catch.

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I’ve always been a firm believer that more is more when it comes to naps (I’m a sloth, really), but at this nap cafe, sleepy time is limited to two hours per person. Guests are also required to order at least one food item from the cafe menu (no problemo), and the last call for naps is at 8.30 pm. Kind of perfect for a pre-going out cat nap if you ask me. 

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I mean, this is just all kinds of goals

The Nap Cafe will be open until March 26th daily from 11 am to 9 pm. 

Time to get out of bed and, well, get in these beds. 

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