Anyone Who Has Ever Had Acne Will Love This Empowering Acne Photo Series

Even Cara Delevigne has shared this unretouched and thought-provoking project

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If you’ve ever suffered from a pesky pimple or painful breakouts, you need to see this photo series.

20-year-old Peter DeVito has created a brave and empowering acne photo series, showing ‘imperfect’ unretouched skin – featuring entirely normal and realistic pimples, blemishes, and zits.


Fighting the trend in the media to retouch and photoshop skin to be perfectly flawless, the artist hopes to convey a message of body positivity and self love, and that it is truly, madly, deeply okay and normal to have acne. DeVito tells, “I was really inspired because a lot of people on social media started posting things about body positivity and self-acceptance, but I felt like there was an absence of people with acne.”

And so the Fashion Institute of Technology student got to work. His acne photo series shows closeups of people with acne, with words printed over their ‘imperfections’ such as “acne is normal”, “retouch”, and, most famously, a line from Kendrick Lamar’s song ‘Humble’: “I’m so f*cking sick and tired of the Photoshop.”

So. Much. Yes.

Whilst all of DeVito’s images gained great acclaim over on Instagram, it was the latter that particularly caught the attention of many people online. In fact, even model Cara Delevigne shared the photo. DeVito describes, “It was crazy to see somebody who gets a lot of her pictures retouched all the time agree with what I was saying.”

And it’s not just acceptance, it’s also empowerment. After sharing the acne photo series, the comment section has been filled with men and women applauding DeVito for his work, many explaining that they made them feel better about their own skin issues. He states, “The whole point of me posting is to help empower other people. I love seeing other people post their unretouched pictures and they tag me… People will just start to learn to accept themselves more and not compare themselves to what other people look like.”

Acne is Normal

Love Yourself


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