Aditya Aryanto Imagines Animals As Balls And They’re So Cute And Awkward

Wait ’til you see those tiny legssssss

LOL #SoCute: 😹 😹 😹 😹 😹 😹 😹 7/10

Have you ever looked at an animal and thought, “I wonder what you’d look like if you were a ball”?

Then this is for you.

Artist Aditya Aryanto reimagines animals as ~aniballs~, by turning our favourite furry friends into round shapes.

Before we show you, let us warn you: yes, it’s very, very cute.

Aditya Aryanto aniballs

The Jakarta-based artist tries to visualise shapes for animals, and has previously been noted for his creation of ‘anicubes’ (animals in cube form). However, now with ‘aniballs’ there’s definitely a whole new level of adorability. Between little legs and big bellies, we’re definitely loving this simple yet sweet remake.

Armed with the liquify tools in Photoshop, Aditya Aryanto is inspiring us to look at the world and the animal kingdom through new lenses. Playful and skillfully edited, take a scroll through his Aryanto’s work below – it’ll definitely make you giggle.

All images cr: Aditya Aryanto

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