Meanwhile In Japan, Adults Get Swaddled Like Babies To Relieve Stress

It’s reminiscent of being in your mother’s womb and it’s very comforting supposedly…

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This article was originally posted on 2nd February 2017.

In Japan, one of these ways includes being swaddled like a baby.

That’s right – grown adults are getting wrapped up like newborns in a hospital ward, through a therapeutic form of stress relief that involves bending your body like an embryo.

If you were looking for a weirdly warm and quirky new way to forget those troubles, this could possibly be it.

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Let us clarify. 

The experience is called ‘otonamaki’ (it’s not a sushi roll we promise) and translates quite literally to “adult wrapping”. Whilst initially created as a post-natal treatment for women with stiff joints, many Japanese are now using otonamaki as a form of therapy, and to relieve stress and improve posture. 

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It begins by sitting cross-legged and getting wrapped in a big piece of breathable cloth. The colour of the cloth may symbolise different environments and create different ambiences, depending on the desired effect. The swaddled person is then rolled onto his/her back, and the aim is to mimic the way the body is positioned in a mother’s womb. Thereby conjuring a sense of warmth and security. <3

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One session lasts around 20 minutes and will set you back around $30, and participants are monitored by healthcare professionals throughout. (Because just imagine being stuck in that position!) 

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It’s like the Japanese version of a blanket burrito. And doesn’t involve eating cheetos and watching Netflix for 5 straight hours. 

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Would you try this?

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