This Airport Is Getting A Luxurious Airport Pool For First Class Guests

For all those looking for a quick dip before their flight

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Yknow that feeling when it’s the end of your holiday and you have to go back home and you just wish you could have a quick dip in your hotel pool just one last time?

Punta Cana International Airport knows those feels.

A swanky airport pool is opening at the new VIP lounge inside the Caribbean airport of the isle in the Dominican Republic.

Designed by Dominican architect Antonio Segundo Imbert, the lounge is opening in December of this year, and will feature all the common First Class lounge amenities – plus one very cool outdoor airport pool.

I mean, this is truly travelling in style.

From the images Punta Cana Airport has released, it appears that the new infinity pool will be surrounded by wood decking and an outdoor lounging area, and look over nearby planes parked on the tarmac. How’s that for a pretty special view?

I mean, can you imagine what it would be like to go for a quick swim before getting on your plane? Sip some drinks, snack on some food – it’s like a pool party at the airport. Also, flight delays? No problemo!!!

Images cr: Punta Cana International Airport

Indoors, floor-to-ceiling windows provide a similar view, minus the splash, and look a bit like something out of a hotel lobby. Except better. Because airplanes.

We just have one question… what do you do with your wet swimmers when the flight starts boarding?

Only one way to find out.

Who’s coming?

h/t: TravelAndLeisure