Booze-Filled Doughnuts Are The Perfect Combo Of Our Favourite Things

Literally booze and doughnuts, what more could you want?!

Put down whatever you’re doing or whatever you’re about to eat. And close your mouth. Because what we’re about to show you is going to make your jaw drop all over again.

Booze-filled doughnuts exist, and they’re just as good (if not better) than they sound.

That’s right. Some masterminded genius has combined two of our absolute faves into one doughy fluffy sweet ring-shaped cocktail concoction of perfection. And if you weren’t drooling before, watch your drool-works begin to swirl right now.

Ok, the perfect meal.

The guys over at The Doughnut Project are making our days that much sweeter and that much boozier with their “Cocktail Series” doughnuts. The five-week program consists of limited edition alcohol-infused sweet treats from Friday to Sunday each week, and is really, quite frankly, the stuff of our doughnut dreams.

Get in ma belly

I mean, They’re like regular doughnuts. But fun!!!

Inspired by New York City bars, many of the doughnuts look charmingly similar to the cocktails they represent. Made with alcohol, Doughnut Project co-owner Leslie Polizzotto tells Thrillist, “In each doughnut there’s enough booze for you to taste it but not have it be overwhelming.”

Does this sound amazing or does this sound amazing?

Hello happiness

However, if you thought these were simple doughnuts with a dab of wine and beer here and there you are so mistaken. From combinations of bourbon, rum, honey, and ginger, over to creations of pineapple, Cahaca, and banana liquor, the cocktail series truly presents a classy and crazy way to get tipsy.


It’s pre-drinks and munchies all in one, and we’re definitely up to sample a bite or fifty.

(And if the hangover gets a little heavy – there’s a cold brew and rum version too!)

Cold brew filling and tonic jelly? Wowza

Who’s hungry/thirsty/ready to party?

h/t: Delish