A Fluffytorium Is Coming To London Where You Can Pet Adorably Fluffy Animals

Also, entry is free!!

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You know that feeling when the stresses of the city just get to you and everywhere is crowded and stuffy and everything is stressful and ugly and all you really REALLY want is to cuddle up with a snuggly furry animal?

Londoners: the Amazing Animals Fluffytorium is here to answer to your deepest most adorable prayers.

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Opening in Soho between Friday October 27th and Saturday October 28th, a Fluffytorium is opening in the city to bring fluffy animals to cuddle-and-cute-pets-craving Londoners. Hosted by the Guinness World Records, the event consists of a large room that will be covered floor to ceiling in soft fluffy materials, inhabited by anything from Maine Coon cats over to Chow Chows, Poodles, and Pomeranians.

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Honestly, it’s like a perfect petting zoo in the heart of the city.

Cr: Amazing Animals Fluffytorium

Aiming to promote the new Guinness World Records book ‘Amazing Animals,’ the Fluffytorium will feature some of the world’s longest haired pets, and offer humans a chance to get their paws on some very furry felines and puppers.

Anyone who needs some stress relief and also really loves animals: go here.

Cr: Amazing Animals Fluffytorium

Friday is ~Cat Day~ and Saturday is ~Dog Day~, and anyone who books a visit will be allowed to spend 30 minutes with the adorable animals. Entry is free of charge (!!), and includes meeting said cats or dogs, and also possibly posing for a very cool Insta in front of a giant dog house/human-size cat flap. You can also sip on milkshakes while you’re there, and get the chance to bag a free Amazing Animals book.

The animals themselves get a break every 30 minutes so as to not stress them out, and there are also strict animal welfare rules in place, to ensure the cats and dogs are treated fairly. And absolutely everybody has a good time.

To book a time slot, email amazinganimals@hopeandglorypr.com with your wanted date/time and the number of people in your party (maximum 6), and prepare to get fluffy.

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