Animal Butt Phone Cases Are The Bootiful Accessory You Never Knew You Needed


There aren’t many things cuter than a cute animal’s butt. You can’t fight us on this. 

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And so for all those times you while away the hours on social media and you wish you had a cute animal butt nearby, you no longer need look further. 

Cr: MoonFeltCraft via Etsy

Online store MoonFeltCraft has just created the perfect mobile accessory for all those craving the smooth furry sensation of a soft Corgi or cheeky Shiba Inu on the back of their phones. The Guangzhou-based brand creates handmade phone cases that feature the behinds of various animals in true form and feel. 

Cr: MoonFeltCraft via Etsy

It’s slightly reminiscent of all those times growing up when you wanted a dog and your dad said no, and then you got a toy dog and really showed him. In this version however, butts are involved. So it’s that much better. 

Cr: MoonFeltCraft via Etsy

Made using 100% Australian wool felt, MoonFeltCraft also creates other animal butt ~assessories~ including keychains and fridge magnets, yet the phone cases are proving the most popular. 

Entirely understandable, who wouldn’t want to be a badass and add some cat ass to their phone?

Cr: MoonFeltCraft via Etsy

Be a cutie and get some booty over on Etsy for $35 each