Animal Shaped Gelato Is Definitely The Cutest Way To Eat Gelato

So. Instagrammable.

Get In My Belly: 🐽🍦 🐽🍦 🐽🍦 🐽🍦8/10

If you’re looking for a late summer excuse to devour some gelato, this is it.

A Los Angeles ice cream parlour is selling animal shaped gelato, and it looks like every childhood summer fantasy we have ever had.

Complete with little pink piggy snouts and big fluffy bunny ears, Eiswelt Gelato in Westminster, California is giving us serious dessert cravings.

The work of Vyvy Hoang, who actually brought the idea with her from Germany, it all began as a way to bring more affordable ice cream to L.A. She tells the Los Angeles Times, “[In Germany] gelato is about a euro per scoop, so around here, I thought ice cream was pretty expensive at $5 or $6 a scoop. I wanted to bring something cheaper over to my new home but still hold onto that tradition.”

Yet what started out as a bargain snack, actually turned into some pretty freakin’ adorable dessert art.

Featuring all the animals we know and love from old McDonald’s farm and beyond, Hoang’s animal shaped gelato comes disguised as delicate bunnies, pigs, chickens, and even giraffes. For a dose of magic and sparkles, diners can also get unicorns, and for a dose of Pokemon Go you CAN catch, there’s even an order of Pikachu.

It’s absolutely beautiful. And Hoang knows it. “Nowadays with Instagram and Facebook, everyone takes pictures of their food. I think food always has to be presentable now.”

Yet if you’re afraid Hoang’s gelato is all looks and no personality, be afraid no more. The gelato shop features a range of extremely exciting flavours, from Thai Tea and Asian Durian over to Birthday Cake and Rose Lemonade. For those who like to stick to the classics, there’s obviously also strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and the lot.

All images cr: Eiswelt Gelato/Facebook

Adorable and affordable, we’re definitely loving these super Instagrammable and super devour-able sweet treats. Follow Eiswelt Gelato to stay inspired (and very hungry).

Which one will you be having?

h/t: Delish