These Animal Smoothie Bowls Are The Beautiful Breakfast You Won’t Want To Eat

Too pretty!!!

#FoodArt: 🦁🍮 🦁🍮 🦁🍮 🦁🍮 🦁 9/10

How do you get millennials to eat more healthy food?

With animal smoothie bowls, of course!

At least, that’s the approach Hazel Zakariya is taking, by creating absolutely stunning smoothie bowls featuring wholesome ingredients and wholly adorable animalistic depictions.

The work of the New Zealand-based artist/chef extraordinaire is a combination of classical painting, gardening, and vegan cooking, as the colourful smoothie bowls feature anything from a cute koala bear over to a magical unicorn. All adorned with gorgeous flower petals, and taken against equally playful and matching backgrounds.

Honestly, it’s every food bloggers dream/bowl come true.

Each animal smoothie bowl is a unique piece, and is made using different ingredients. Typically Zakariya blends a smoothie base, and then uses anything from coconut cream to spirulina to decorate and create the cover design. All ingredients used are healthy, vegan items, and the tools used to shape and construct are as simple as a butter knife and a skewer.

Really, it sounds like we could whip up the whole thing ourselves. Yet of course, Zakariya reassures that this is no easy feat. “Each bowl takes between one to five hours to make, depending on the details involved in the painting.”

And the detailing is really something that makes Zakariya’s beautiful animal smoothie bowls stand out from all the rest. Drawing out impressive true-to-life features, the masterpieces have something of a museum painting and a children’s story book crossed with our favourite breakfast bar and a hipster cafe.

Charismatic and bursting with colour, it’s a breakfast bowl that goes beyond the old blueberry and strawberry on top. In some ways, they almost look too good to eat. In other ways, we’re curious to find out if they could possibly taste as good as they look…

(There’s only one way to find out!)

All images cr: Hazel Zakariya/Instagram

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h/t: Metro