This Artist Draws Anxiety Comics To Deal With And Laugh Through Anxiety Issues

“I figured that I can use my art as a way to show people that are going through difficult times that they aren’t alone”

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If you have anxiety or have had anxiety before, you know that dealing with the pressure and stressful thoughts is not an easy thing.

Reaching out through the screen like a giant group hug, now one artist is looking to lighten and brighten the minds of people dealing with anxiety, through a series of anxiety comics.

Going by the name of ‘GeorgeDrawz’, the 21-year-old finance student is taking to pen and paper to express anything from dealing with existential crises to heartache. In the must bemusing of ways.

Drawing on many issues most of us will have experienced, George’s comics are both cheekily chuckle-worthy and heartwarmingly real. The illustrator pulls from his honest experiences, twisting and turning them into at times quite dark-humoured comics. And people are relating hard.

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Since sharing his anxiety comics, George explains that responses have been warm and encouraging. The artist states, “I started getting many encouraging and lovely messages from different people from all around the world. People just like me, with different but somehow similar stories. So from there, I figured that I can use my art as a way to show people that are going through difficult times, that they aren’t alone and that you should always try to take a laugh and see things from the brighter side.”

On that note, take a scroll through George’s work below. They’ll definitely pull the two corners of your mouth up in a sneaky smile. Believe me.

All images cr: GeorgeDrawz

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