Apple Is Putting People’s Negative Tweets About Them Into Quirky Commercials

Turning the negative into a positive marketing campaign. 

Most companies respond to Twitter complaints and overall comments about their products with a simple online reply. Not Apple though, no no. 

Apple thinks different. 

Cr: Apple

The tech giant has just released four iPad Pro commercials featuring large printouts of tweets saying anything from “my laptop has the nastiest virus” over to “slow wifi at home”. Whilst the tweets are said to be real, the avatars have been changed to protect privacy and match the actors involved. 

The funny ads feature candid tweets customers have sent in, and deal with each of these individual concerns, proving that Apple really does not do customer service the regular way. It’s a playful way to provide help for some familiar issues to iPad Pro users, and actually diminishes the fact that people are having problems with it in the first place. 

Smart move, Apple. 

Check out the ads below:

What do you think? 

h/t: Mashable