We Wonder What Steve Jobs Would Have Thought Of These Apple Smart Glasses

They do look pretty cool

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From the classic iPod to the iPhone and iPad to the Apple Watch, we’ve come a long way in mobile tech.

Now, a product designer called Taeyeon Kim has come up with a concept for Apple Smart Glasses, quite possibly a step in the right direction. Whilst Apple has not unveiled smart glasses of their own, we can’t help but think that these are very, very cool.

Take a look:

Taking sleek style inspo and colour palettes from Apple’s iPhones, Kim’s Apple Smart Glasses come in rose gold, silver, gold, and jet black (sounds familiar!!). The glasses are quite chunky in design, featuring two large black lenses, which we assume would be fully interactive screens. The temples are detachable, similarly to the Apple Watch, so anyone can customise their glasses as they like.

Clean and bold, Kim has also gone so far as to create some marketing shots, featuring cleverly edited models wearing his Apple smart glasses. A suave mix between Willy Wonka and Silicon Valley, the images do kind of make you want to pick up a pair…

Even packaged in that trademark minimal white and grey box, we definitely feel like Kim is on to something here. And if Apple does ever release another wearable, we hope it’s Apple Smart Glasses. And we hope they look a little like this.

All images cr: Taeyeon Kim

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