Turn Your Apple Watch Into An Adorable Old School Computer With This Mini Stand

The irony…

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This article was originally posted on 6th February 2017.

You might get up in the middle of the night and check the time and hope you still have a couple more hours to go. 

Or you might get this adorable Macintosh mini stand for your Apple watch and feel like you still have yeeeears to go before 2017 and Apple Watches can even exist. 

How freakin’ cute is this.

apple watch mini stand

The Elago W3 Apple Watch stand turns any smartwatch into an old-school (practically almost vintage) desktop computer complete with floppy disc drive and everything. 

Simply slip your watch into the mini stand (you can even let it secretly charge from the back) and go back in time in an instant with this nostalgic reminder of 1984 and computers with green screens and typing commands and not having Twitter. 

All images cr: elago®

Get it for $15 from Amazon – it’ll make your sleepless nights and countless alarms far more exciting. 

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